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"Get out of my way, or do I have to show you the meaning of freefalling... WITHOUT A HEAD!""
―Acanthus to Chirox
Group Toa Soter
Element Jungle
Powers Jungle
Kanohi Faxon (Formerly), Mahiki
Tools Slicers, Zamor Launcher
Status Alive
Location Amplus Nui
Pronunciation ugh-CAN-thuhs

Acanthus is a rookie Toa of Jungle, who fought in the Battle of Amplus Nui.


Acanthus lived with the Le-Matoran on the island of Mata Nui. Once he became a Toa, he discovered that he was not, in fact, a Le-Matoran, but instead one of Jungle. He began training in the jungle, and Turaga Matau tried to find another Toa or Turaga of Jungle to help teach him, but by visiting the Metru Nui records, he found that there no remaining Jungle-controlling beings left in the universe, as they had all been killed in the Great Cataclysm.

The only available mentor for Acanthus was Lewa of Amplus Nui, who recruited him and gave him the Avolo T12. Acanthus later fought in the Battle of Amplus Nui, often against Antroz and the Jetrax T6. He helped lead his allies to victory, killing Makuta Moonlight.

Personality and traits

Acanthus was very shy and timid, but the death of his fiend Altra in a vehicle testing crash spurred him to anger. When he became a Toa, he learned to control his rage. He has a very strong hatred towards Makuta, yet is very kind to his friends.

Powers and equipment

As a Toa of Jungle, Acanthus is capable of creating and controlling plantlife.

Acanthus wields the Great Kanohi Mahiki, Mask of Concealment. He once possessed a Faxon, but traded it to a Matoran resident of Amplus Nui for his current mask. He once used the Mahiki against Moonight to fool him into telling him valuable information about the Team of Actaeon and their leader, Aeacus.

As a Matoran, Acanthus carried twin slicers and had a shoulder-mounted Zamor launcher. He now pilots the Avolo T12.


"Who are you? Are you the Makuta who killed Altra?"
―Acanthus to Chirox
"Get over here and fight like a Toa. Oh, wait. You could never even try to be like a Toa!"
―Acanthus to Antroz
"The only thing that stands between me and winning is your team."
―Acanthus to the Makuta in Amplus Nui


  • In Latin, "Acanthus" means "plant."

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