Associated Colors Green, dark green, lime
Prefix Cor-

Acid is one of the many secondary Elements.

Species wielders


  • Cor-Matoran have a miniscule amount of the power Acid in them, to the point that they are immune to both acids and alkalis.


  • Levahk were able to spurt a strong acid out of their shields.


  • Keelerak had limited acidic powers within it's Rhotuka disk.


  • Create, absorb, and manipulate acids strong enough to burn through most materials.
  • Generally, an Acid-user is greatly familiar with the nature of acids and bases. As such, they can turn many everyday objects into deadly caustic fluids. Some water and air, for example, can be forcibly reacted in unnatural ways to create HNO3, or nitric acid.
  • Acid wielders are immune to their own acid.
  • Can change an acid's concentration.
  • Can manipulate acids found in organic beings.

Known users


  • There are no known Toa of acid.
  • Acid is an Element frequently confused with Poison. The Element of Acid deals with true chemical acids, while Poison-users control toxins.
  • The Cor- prefix comes from "corrosive".

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