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Adaptive Tools
Function Various
Powers Shapeshifting
Status N/A
Location N/A
Pronunciation N/A

Adaptive tools are tools carried by Lah. These tools are designed to be carried only by a Mask of Adaptarion user or a shapeshifter. The tools change with the user, depending on the situation.

The tools include a staff or sword of some sort in the other hand and a blaster in the other. They adapt to the situation, much like adaptive armor tools do.


  • Normal mode: A combat sword and a blaster that shoots energy balls
  • Water mode: Two hooked propellers that help in swimming and a small harpoon at the back
  • Underground mode: A drill with an attached torch and a bomb thrower
  • Flying mode: A very long sword and a blaster that blasts energy balls quickly


  • These are not the same as the tools one would have when using adaptive armor.

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