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Aether (Tylenuva12)
Toa Avriex How To and My Mocs 1-110
Element Magnetism
Kanohi Getlan
Tools Blade of Magnetism, Nynrah Ghost Blaster
Status Alive
Location Mesatark
Pronunciation AYEE-thurgh

Aether was a Glatorian.


Aether was a Glatorian that lived on Spherus Magna, and like most other Glatorian, he participated in the Core War. After The Shattering took place, he ended up on the fragment known as Bara Magna.

Aether encountered Avriex in the Wastelands, and Avriex offered him a membership in the Order of Avriex, which he accepted.

He is currently in Mesatark, cooling down after a mission.

Powers and equipment

Aether wields a blade of magnetism, which gives him total control of the elemental power Magnetism, as well as a Nynrah Ghost blaster. Aether also possesses the Kanohi Getlan, mask of fire resistance, and adaptive armor given to him by the Order.

Personality and traits

Aether is a very un-emotional being, and can seem very uncaring. Despite this, Avriex views him as a being who has been robbed of his emotions.


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