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Agori Pit
Agori pit
Position Procul Magna
Size N/A
Status In existence
Pronunciation N/A

The Agori Pit is a large city-port on Procul Magna.


The Agori Pit was carved out of an ancient crater and lies on the shores of a lake. One of the walls collapsed at an unknown period of time, turning the city into a port, as well.

The Great Beings created some heat generators below the crater, which warmed the surrounding areas enough so they could be inhabited. This also kept the lake unfrozen. They then tore down one wall of the crater to allow access to the lake.

Some suburbs also exist outside of the crater.


The crater was created at around 100,000 BGC when a large asteroid collided with Procul Magna. The Great Beings then created a city out of this crater and formed a lake around it, then sent some Agori to inhabit the city. The Agori eventually required more space, and created more suburbs outside the city.

Known inhabitants


  • Even though the lake was kept unfrozen by the heat generators, it was still quite cold.

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