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Element Water
Kanohi Elda
Tools Kanoka launcher
Group Toa Kynika
Element Water, Shadow
Powers Water
Kanohi Elda
Tools Pit swords
Status Alive
Location Myhore
Pronunciation ahh-SEE-uh

Ahsia was a Matoran of Tegen Nui. She was later transformed into a Toa Aknia.


Ahsia witnessed the creation of the anti-shadow barrier, created by the Toa Tegen. She became a Toa Akyna, along with the Matoran Atast, Taatoh, Dekea, Nadhoku, Kadyx, Haddisi, and Kamahn.

She later had most of her light drained by Makuta Venetraze when he managed to break through the barrier. He captured Taatoh and took him to Gahru Nui. The new Toa Kynika decided to go to Stelt, where they believed the nearest Klakk was. Buying a boat from Turaga Kier, they set sail for the island, only to discover tha they had a stowaway, Po-Matoran named Kyrka.

Soon, a bad storm came up, and it started to hail on the tiny ship. The Toa's boat was shipwrecked on an island they later learned was called Myhore. Ahsia went with Atast, Dekea, and Nadhoku to find a port because they had learned that a passenger boat was going to dock there that day.


Ahsia in comic form

TKA Comics

Main article: TKA Comics

Ahsia appeared in the TKA Comics in the Introduction, and was also seen in Comic 2. The Toa Kynika threw a fit when Turaga Kier wouldn't sell them a boat.

Powers and equipment

Ahsia is capable of manipulating the element of water. As a Matoran, she used a Kanoka launcher. Currently, she possesses two Pit swords.


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