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"By "leave," I meant "leave your corpse to rot!!!""
―Akatax to Zoruxx [src]
Group Brotherhood of Makuta (formerly)
Element Shadow
Powers Kraata powers, absorption
Kanohi Infected Hau Nuva
Tools N/A
Status Alive, inhabiting Ganon
Location Jadax Magna
Pronunciation ah-kah-tacks

Akarax is a former member of the Brotherhood of Makuta, but was taken from the order to become one of The Master's agents. He is currently possessing Ganon.



Akatax's mask being infected

Akatax was part of the Brotherhood of Makuta until he was captured by The Master, who required a servant. He was never seen again by any other Makuta, and was considered deceased by the rest of the Brotherhood.

At some point, he stole the encryption key from Ikarki, killing the Toa in the process. He returned the key to The Master, who sent him on another mission: to hunt down Zoruxx. He returned to The Master, beaten, and The Master punished him by beating him nearly to death and encasing him in a stasis tube.

After landing on Jadax Magna, Akatax's essence escaped the shattered tube and entered Ganon's body. He then transformed Ganon into a cyborg.

Abilities, Tools, & Traits

Powers and Equipment

Akatax, like all Makuta, possesses the power of Shadow, as well as absorption and the 42 Kraata powers. His essence is made of Antidermis, allowing him to enter the bodies of others. He possesses armor created by the Nynrah Ghosts, allowing him to shapeshift.

Known forms

Picture Form Description
Antidermis 2 Antidermis Antidermis is the "essence" of Akatax. It is a greenish-black energy that is contained inside his armor, and if leaked, it can float as mist over the air and be collected. However, the energy will dissipate after a period of time
P1010136 Shadow titan The form which Akatax is most commonly seen in.
Winged ape Winged Desert Ape A form used to fool Toa Zoruxx.
Ganon machine Ganon His Antidermis resides in the body of Ganon. He has recently transformed the Toa into a cyborg.


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