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Element Ice
Powers Ice
Kanohi Olmak, Kiril
Tools N/A
Status Alive
Location Spherus Magna
Pronunciation ACK-dahn

Akdan is a Ko-Matoran.


Akdan was a scholar in Ko-Metru. After the Great Cataclysm, he was transported by the Toa Metru to Mata Nui in a Matoran Sphere. He was part of the secret society known as "Ihu's Warriors."

At some point, he became a Toa, and was part of the rebellion against Teridax. He led his Toa team to victory against the Skrall in the Battle for Bara Magna.

Sometime after his transformation to a toa, but before returning to Spherus Magna, he was given a scythe by Tyrathius, as well as a quest. This quest was to use his Kanohi Olmak to travel to alternate universes and give six other versions of himself the other six weapons of Tyrathius (Sword, lance, flail, nunchucks, cross bow, and spear).

He is currently living on Spherus Magna along with the rest of the Matoran Universe's inhabitants.

Alternate versions

There are six known alternate versions of Akdan:

Powers and equipment

Akdan, like all Toa of his element, is capable of controlling and creating Ice. He wears a Kanohi Olmak in the Prime Reality, and in alternate universes he possesses a Kiril.


  • The Seven Blades of Tyrathius are closely interwoven into Akdan's destiny.
  • He is the only MoC I have created that has more than one version (since he has more than one reality).