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Alpha Being
Powers Shapeshifting
Status Active
Location Spherus Magna
Pronunciation N/A

The Alpha Beings are a powerful race of shape-shifters, accidentally created by the Great Being Hantrek. They are considered as one of the most influential and respected species of the Matoran Universe, and are known for their diplomacy and power.

By fostering commitment and cooperation instead of conflict, the Alpha Beings played a decisive role in the founding of the Spherus Magna Council and have been at the heart of unified society until the events of the Rebellion in Xianori.


The Alpha Beings were created by the Great Being Hantrek. During the experiment there was an accident, which resulted in Hantrek's form and power being absorbed by her creations, leaving her as an empty shadow. Before Hantrek thought of destroying the Alpha Beings to regain her power, she was detained and her essence banished into the Mask of Chaos by the other Great Beings.

Meanwhile, the Alpha Beings, led by Mersny, were grouped into the Order of the Great Creators and settled in the island of Takiw Nui. Several years later, Mersny proposed the idea of ​​exterminating the Matoran species to establish the Alpha Beings as the chosen race of the Great Spirit Mata Nui. However, he was overthrown by Vavakx, who assumed his position as leader of the species since then.

After Teridax's death, the population of Alpha Being of the Matoran Universe returned to Spherus Magna along with all inhabitants of the Matoran Universe to begin a new life.

Abilities and Traits

The Alpha Beings are biomechanical reptilian beings that possess complete control over their form, with the ability to mentally change the formation of their cells to alter their appearance and thus take on the form of other individuals or creatures. For this reason, several of the default physical features of the species are unknown. Alpha Beings are also able to drastically increase or decrease their mass instantly.

As shape-shifters, Alpha Beings are able to alter and rejuvenate the cells of their bodies constantly, and therefore do not age despite living for thousands of years.

Some prodigious Alpha Beings possess telepathy, which they often use in order to complete the image they seek to achieve, disguising any inconsistency in their transformations. All members of the species can also access the powers of a Great Kanohi.


The Alpha Beings extended their influence through cultural domination and intellectual superiority. They often try to establish close relationships with other species, knowing that their ideals and beliefs will inevitably influence them.

The Alpha Beings have a paternal attitude toward the other species within the Matoran Universe. Their commitment to diplomacy and the peaceful resolution of conflicts is reflected in the Order of the Great Creators, an organization dedicated to mediating between societies. This philosophy has led them to meddle in other people's conflicts however, which gave them a reputation as invasive mediators. Some societies recognize the Alpha Beings as guardians of peace, while in others they are considered as intruders in private affairs.

The Alpha Beings, however, are also pragmatic and have prepared alternatives in case diplomacy fails. They often exploit their access to other powerful governments for secrets and, being a race of shape-shifters, have an incredible ability to easily infiltrate various groups without arousing suspicion.

There are other Alpha Beings apart from the members of the Order of the Great Creators, who were never assigned to the Matoran Universe and remained in Spherus Magna during the Shattering of the planet. The identities, culture, and status of these Alpha Beings are unknown.


  • Alpha Beings are very susceptible to an infection of Dark Shed, becoming deeply corrupted if they are exposed to the organism.
  • The myth of Ohm was created by the Great Beings to conceal the origins of the Alpha Beings and Hantrek as their creator. This myth was universally accepted by the Alpha Beings and Hantrek also decided to keep it to protect her identity until she finally revealed the truth to Vavakx.