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Position Matoran Universe
Size 438729 sq. kio
Status In Existence
Pronunciation ALL-ZUNN-arhh

Alzanaar is an Order of Mata Nui island located near the middle of the Necrodas Isles, controlled by the The Ravage.


Alzanaar was originally controlled by The Ravage, home to the Scourge of the Universe and inhabited by members of the Brotherhood of Makuta.

Alzanaar's population eventually grew, and many of the inhabitants went to the Necrodas Gulch and seized all the islands. However, the former Toa and Matoran residents of the Necrodas Gulch reunited and attacked the new weakest point, Alzanaar. The Scourge and Makuta inhabitants surrendered and retreated to another island in the Necrodas Gulch.

The Necrodas Gulch tried on several occasions to reclaim Alzanaar, though all the attempts have subsequently failed.


The northwestern part of Alzanaar has rocky mountains, but has a near-zero chance of precipitation , so the Matoran have created precipitation machinery, linking it to the Endless Ocean.

Alzanaar has three Gukko Ports, each controlled by an expert Flight Master, only for 286 Widgets on any flight. The Gukko Port in Rhilosvar is known for being the largest Gukko Port in the world, almost four times larger than the Le-Koro Gukko Port.

There is only one hostile village: a very small town controlled by the Ravage called Nax'Carena, named after Naxidia by Nevedex.

Known Inhabitants

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