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"The shadows, they are my allies. No, NO! I must not give in. Ahhhh... Ha ha ha ha. Fear the dark, for I shall be there."
―Ancient during his corruption
Element Stone, Fire
Powers Telepathy
Tools Protosteel Claws, Midak Skyblaster
Ancient Corrupted
Group Alliance of Heroes (Formerly), Universal Protection Alliance (Formerly), The Dark Shade
Element Shadow
Powers Shadow
Tools Protosteel Claws, Thornax Axe
Status Alive
Location Bara Magna
Pronunciation N/A

Ancient is a being of light from the time of the Great Beings.



Ancient hunting Pluton

Ancient lived before the first zomicle hordes attacked the original universe, and is one of that universe's last surviving inhabitants. After the imprisonment of the zomicles, he was recruited for the Order of Mata Nui. He accepted membership and was sent to help Vavorkx on his quest to regain his honor.

After the zomicles were reimprisoned by Vavorkx, he went to govern Drogis while Vavorkx went to Bara Magna to search for the Mask of Life Soon after Vavorkx's departure, Bubonic attacked and gave Ancient a double dose of shadow from enhanced Tridax Pods.

After Bubonic's attack, Ancient became Shadow Ancient. After knocking Bubonic unconscious, he went after Vavorkx. When he arrived at Bara Magna, Virus found him and told him to go after Pluton. Before he went, he was experimented on in order to become more powerful.

He is currently hunting for Pluton.

Abilities and Traits

Ancient, in his original form, had power over stone, fire, and telepathy. He was fair, kind, but aggressive and almost impossible to stop when angered or under attack.

When he became Shadow Ancient he possessed power over shadow and other dark powers. He is patient, and seems calm even when under attack. This unnerving attitude can cause any being to feel uncomfortable.


Ancient had a Midak Skyblaster and Protosteel Claws. He now possesses a Thornax Axe in addition to his Protosteel claws.


  • Ancient treated Vavorkx like a son.
  • Shadow Ancient despises authority, which is why he flew off from Bubonic.
  • This is his theme song.


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