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"What is this sword capable of doing? I'll show you what it's capable of doing!"
Henkka to Juho before their battle
Ancient Staff
Function Combat, channeling powers
Powers N/A
Status Wiped from existence
Location False Reality
Pronunciation N/A

The Ancient Staff was a weapon used by an ancient Toa and later by Henkka.



The Ancient Staff activated

The Ancient Staff was once used by a powerful Toa. The Toa was killed by Tonga, who then used the Staff as a part of his new body.

When Tonga was killed in the end of Tonga's Attack, the parts of his body were broken and separated. When the power flew through Henkka and his two friends, the power fixed the Ancient Staff and it went to Henkka, who started to use it in his Mega Matoran form. He didn't know what powers it had, but he simply used it to channel his mask's electricity power.

In False Reality, the Ancient Staff was the tool that Henkka had to get in order to get a portion of his memory back.

The tool was wiped from existence as a part of Tapio's mistakes and it was replaced by the double sword wings.


  • The staff had powers of its own, but Henkka never discovered them.