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Ancient Suva
Position Manuin
Status In Existence
Pronunciation N/A

The Ancient Suva was the first Suva ever to be created. It played many important roles in the the First Matoran's history, but is currently unused on the deserted continent of Manuin.


The Ancient Suva was created by Mata Nui, and was the first Suva ever created. It was designed to dark beings, turning them into beings of light. The Suva slowly collected energy around it, which Mata Nui would use to recharge his energy after creating Manuin. After that, he fell into a coma, and the Ancient Suva was activated, starting to slowly collect energy which would slowly heal Mata Nui from the coma.

When the First Matoran moved to Manuin, a Vine Creature attacked them. Ilona was sent on a task to collect seven Toa Stones and place them into the Ancient Suva. She did this, and the False Toa emerged. They didn't remember their past, but knew about the present, and they successfully defeated the Vine Creature.

The Ancient Suva wasn't visited for a long time after this. The First Matoran brought the Mak-Matoran here, however, placing them into the Suva. The Suva transformed them into First Matoran. The Suva hasn't been visited since. It no longer collects energy, now that Mata Nui has awakened.


  • If a Bakav wanders too close, the suva disintegrates it.

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