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Element Unknown
Kanohi Dihloje
Status Alive
Location Comic Land
Pronunciation AHNNT-WAHN

Antwon is a peace-loving Matoran who does not believe in violence.


Antwon originally lived in the Comic Land with his brother, Antroz. Both were mentally and physically powerful, and were alike in all but their personality.

While adventuring one day, Antwon and Antroz came upon two hidden Toa stones, and were excited by the chance to be Toa. Antroz took the stone's power immediately, but the stone amplified Antroz's moral shadow, turning him into a Makuta. Antwon instead taught himself how to extract the power gradually, and siphoned all the power so he could summon it in his body at will. This gave him the power to transform from Matoran to Toa and back when he pleased.


One of Antwon's previous looks.

After Antroz became a Makuta, he flew away, never to see his brother again. Antwon decided to live away from the city for awhile, and built a house near Port Sevenonine. When he moved, he kept the Toa stone with him as a reminder of his power, and also of Antroz.

When Crazy-Lihkan38 returned from Canada Land as a Toa, he made good friends with him. He later gave Lihkan the stone, now called the Stone of Seventeen, so he could be a Matoran again. Lihkan transferred his power into the stone and is now in possession of it.

Soon after they moved to BZ-Metru, Lihkan entered the comic-making business. He gathered up Antwon and some more of his new friends and moved again to outside BZ-Metru to live in a comic studio.

Powers and equipment

He has the ability to change back and forth from Toa and Matoran states. As a Toa, his element is unknown, but he is presumed to have either fire or shadow abilities.

His Kanohi is the Dihloje, the Mask of Peace. He therefore had the ability to ease pain and weaken anger and hate. It also had limited powers of resurrection, and could revive a body back to an unconscious state. Use of the reanimation weakened the user, depending on how powerful the being was.

Personality and traits

Antwon was an intelligent and physically gifted Matoran, much like his brother. Unlike his brother, he was kind and generous, and always preferred peace over violence or anger. He was sometimes forced to act in violence if it was absolutely necessary, however. He had good humor, and was known to be wise.

He is one of Lihkan's second-commands, along with Jarodin.


  • Antwon used to wear a Jutlin, but he later swapped it for his Dihloje.
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