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Aqua Whip
Function Weapon
Powers Shape-shifting to the form of weapon needed (default shape is a whip)
Status Wielded by Toa Galas
Location Sphera Nui
Pronunciation N/A

  Aqua Whip is a weapon owned by Toa Galas, when he wields the mask Aquan.


The Aqua Whip was first summoned when Noriz tried to attack Galas after taking Ignika, and running away. Later other features of it discovered when used by him.


The Aqua whip is summoned by the wielder of the Kanohi Aquan, with moving his/her hand back and forth twice, and the second time hand moves forward it is summoned from his/her hand, splashing forward and then taking a form of a long whip. It can shapeshift into forms like sword, cudgel, shield or spear, with its default form, a whip. It's reformation process is done when the user needs it, which means it can read a very basic level of mind.