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Arena match of Flardrek vs. Strakk
Date Unknown
Location Vulcanus
Outcome Ice Tribe victory
Previous Unknown
Next Arena Match of Jornek vs. Vernax

The Arena Match of Flardrek vs. Strakk was an arena match between Glatorian Flardrek of the Fire Tribe and Strakk of the Ice Tribe.



The Fire Tribe discovered a group of Flame Geysers somewhere to the east of Iron Canyon, and attempted to claim their rights. However, the Ice Tribe challenged the Fire Tribe's control over the Flame Geysers, resulting in a dispute erupting between the two villages.

In order to end the debate, the villages agreed to have two of their warriors fight in Vulcanus' arena. Being unable to spare their prime Glatorian, Ackar, Raanu contracted Flardrek to do battle on Vulcanus' behalf. In response, the Ice Tribe sent Strakk to battle the Fire Tribe warrior.

An Agori promoter named Metus was permitted to advertise the match, and managed to convince a large number of Agori to watch the fight.


Upon arriving in Vulcanus, an intense duel erupted between Flardrek and Strakk. Strakk assumed the offensive at first, and delivered several quick blows to Flardrek which he narrowly deflected, forcing him to remain on the defensive. Flardrek eventually managed to gain an advantage when he briefly stunned Strakk with a blow from the flat of his sword. After then dealing the ice warrior several glancing blows, Flardrek managed to gain the offensive ground.

Though recovered, Strakk found himself unable to regain his aggressive drive in light of Flardrek's advance, causing him to do little more than block his enemy's hits as he was slowly forced back. Realizing that the battle was falling into Flardrek's favor, Strakk decided to resort to dirty tactics. After temporarily blinding the Glatorian by reflecting the sunlight off his weapon, Strakk proceeded to severely wound Flardrek and force him to concede.


With Strakk's victory, the rights to the Flame Geysers were claimed by the Ice Tribe. Because of the devastating wounds dealt by Strakk, Flardrek was forced to relinquish his role as Vulcanus' Second Glatorian to Perditus. Whilst his wounds were not fatal, Flardrek was forced to remain out of the arena for a number of months until he had fully recovered. Strakk himself was not punished for his brutal cheating, as his cheating had not been properly noticed by the spectators of the match. As such, any crimes he had committed in the arena match were overlooked.

The match itself was later remembered as one of the most controversial ever seen on Bara Magna, with word quickly spreading out that Strakk had cheated, despite the official claims that he had not. However, nothing was done to expose the Iconox warrior's treachery due to a lack of evidence, and as such, he remained a Glatorian. Flardrek himself did not act against Strakk, though maintained a very bitter hatred against him.


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