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Arki Nui
Position South of Metru Nui
Size N/A
Population N/A
Status In existence
Pronunciation ARW=kee NEW-ee

Arki Nui is an island in the Matoran universe located south of Metru Nui.


Arki Nui was created by the Great Beings and placed in the Matoran universe. A mysterious group known as the Forerunners created a chamber under the island, which they used to house the Pluto-Matoran and Mars-Matoran, as well as their two respective Toa, which they considered dangerous do to their control over time and gravity. (The Pluto-Toa could slow down time and decrease gravity, while Mars-Toa could do the opposite.)

The other Matoran inhabitants placed on the island created a city, Dome Town, and erected a shield powered by two shield stones. A Rahi dragon inhabited the island, and continuously attempted to get inside the Dome Town. However, it was repeatedly driven off by the island's Toa.

During the Great Cataclysm, the supervolcano on the island erupted. The villagers, in an attempt to escape, constructed a square-kio ship, and set off into the Silver Sea. Toa Larax was left to destroy the volcano by an atomic blast, concentrated by the shield stones of Dome City's shield; the attempt worked, and the supereruption ceased.

However, Larax's success had an unexpected side effect: he had opened the chamber created by the Forerunners containing the Pluto and Mars Matoran, causing them to awake.


The island suffers from constant eruptions of a supervolcano. The only settlement on the island is the Dome Town, a large city protected by an energy field created by shield stones. It has recently been destroyed.

Known inhabitants


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