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Army of Darkness
Headquarters N/A
Leader N/A
Goal Destroy the Order of Mata Nui
Status Active
Allies Brotherhood of Makuta
Enemies Order of Mata Nui

The Army of Darkness was a division of the Brotherhood of Makuta army. Of course, they wouldn't just be Makuta, or Icarax would have named it this way. Their headquarters is on an island north of Artakha.


Rahkshi Tamers

This is a resistance against the Toa, which mostly consists of robotic troops; the rest are skilled engineers that improve Bohrok and Rahkshi skeletons for the [[Brotherhood of Makuta[[. They supply goods and support for the army, and receive of the spoils from victories.

Flame Hunters

A mysterious organization. Consists of all heavy troops, mainly a group of Shadow Toa who overthrew their leader at around 2,000 BGC. They wish only to have a spot in a powerful organization.

Light Destroyers

This group shares the Makuta's dislike for Toa. They are only a small group, but are the elite of the army. They are a special group, mainly used in large-scale battles to disrupt their foes' attacks. They receive a 2% cut of the goods won.

Shadow Rogues

A band of thieves. They are used to retrieve goods for the entire army to use, and get 45% of the goods they steal. They get 15% of the spoils of war.

Darkness Spreaders

Five mechanical Matoran that do whatever Icarax orders them to. They carry Tridax Pod catapults, which throw Tridax pods towards enemies. As they are 100% mechanical, they don't have a mind, and follow the Makuta's orders mindlessly.


A small army that remains underground. According to Toa intelligence, their main base is constantly moving. They mainly attack cities, as they are able to bring down entire buildings underground as soldiers hide in their cave, then pour out. They only will get 1% of goods won, as they only need metal for equipment.

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