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Group Order of Mata Nui
Element Fire
Powers Fire, unidentified power
Kanohi Arthron
Tools Lance, Lava Launcher
Status Alive
Location Mount Nui
Pronunciation AWR-ooh-ICK

Aruik is a Gadnoak and a member of the Order of Mata Nui.


Aruik lived in the Matoran Universe, and worked as a crafter. At some point, he was subjected to a ritual that was intended to provide him with Elemental Powers, thanks to his contribution to his community. He came out of the ritual with two powers: fire and another, unidentified one.

The Order of Mata Nui saw that he could be useful to them, and recruited him as an operative. Toa Helryx watched him in his first years of membership through Brutaka.

He went to Metru Nui in 30,000 BGC and pressured Nuparu to give him an invention of his. Over his years of membership, became friends with many of the other members, such as Botar and Axonn, and was helpful toward new recruits.

In 290 BGC, Helryx caught wind that the Brotherhood of Makuta had assigned Saurakai to terrorize the Matoran living on Mount Nui, on the island of Valmai. She thought that because of his love of Matoran Aruik would be the best member to protect the Ko-Matoran living on the mountain.

Around 290 years after being assigned there, the Great Cataclysm shook the island of Valmai, and sent the mountain and its surrounding area splitting off the island, taking Aruik, a Turaga of Ice, the Ko-Matoran, Saurakai, and an army of Frostelus with it.

Abilities and Traits

Aruik possesses the power of fire, as well as another, unidentified, one.

He carries a lance which can channel both of his powers. His Lava Launcher is an upgraded version of Hakann's, which, like the Power Lance, amplifies his power.

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