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"We have seen so much of other universes. From the greatest villains, to the weakest Rahi, we have seen it all. And destroyed most of it."
Barios to Cybus
Assassins of Culitius
Headquarters N/A
Leader N/A
Goal Make widgets
Status In existence

The Assassins of Culitius are the most feared mercenaries of the Matoran Universe.


The Assassins were once Dark Hunters, but left in a quest to achieve greater glory.

They come from the future of the island of Culitius, but have been known to time travel and meddle with the past. They have influenced many important parts of history, and have even done such things as persuade Teridax to betray Mata Nui. However, future meddling with the timeline was halted by the Toa Vakama and Cybus.

Abilities and Traits

Each assassin has the Kanohi Voras, Mask of Alternate Universes. This mask lets the wearer bring beings from other universes into their reality.