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Group Brotherhood of Makuta (formerly)
Occupation Makuta of Gisitra Nui (formerly), Co-Makuta of Kavaka Nui, Leader of the Cutl
Element Shadow
Powers Kraata Powers
Kanohi Mask of Necromancy
Tools Staff of Twilight, double-bladed sword
Status Alive
Location Kra-Kavaka
Pronunciation AY-TROCKS

Atrox was the Makuta of Gisitra Nui and Guardian of Makuta's Gate.


Atrox was made into a Makuta by Mata Nui in 98,705 BGC. She was later assigned to monitor the island of Gisitra Nui in 81,000 BGC. She chose to build a lair, the Cavern of Sorrow, under the roots of a tree in Darkovia Forest.

In 1,001 AGC, she was defeated by the Toa Ignotium, leaving her injured and allowing them to get through Makuta's Gate to rescue the Matoran trapped on Nexca Nui. She recovered from the attack, and in exchange for peace, she told the Toa she would not menace the Matoran until after she healed.

She was soon joined by the Nexensis Alliance, whom had survived the Energy Storms. She then agreed to join the Nexensis and do all in their power to stop Teridax. She then headed to Metru Nui with Crocinus and Vitiosus, where they planned to confront Teridax.

But while they were on the way to Metru Nui, Mata Nui killed Teridax, causing the Matoran Universe to almost destroy itself. Vitiosus and Crocinus fled to Spherus Magna, but Atrox went to Kavaka Nui, after being tipped off by a dying Rahkshi of Insect Control that it was the only intact place left in the universe.

When she got to Kra-Kavaka, she met with the Makuta of the region, Sangrinus. Sangrinus placed her in controld of the Cutl, his minions whom he planned to use to conquer the island of Kavaka Nui.

Abilities and Traits

Atrox wears the Great Mask of Necromancy, allowing her to summon armies of undead creatures to serve her and aid her battle. She carries a Staff of Twilight which channels her shadow powers, and a double-bladed sword to channel her Kraata Powers.

She is cold and aloof, and even other Makuta find their experiences with her unnerving. She is intelligent and is well trained in combat. She is wise enough to know to respect her foes and their power, but not to the point of being merciful towards them or helping them.

Nexensis (v|e)

Leader/founder: Vitiosus (founder, deceased)  • Viridis

Members: Crocinus (deputy)  • Astoria  • Atrox  • Reyuanii  • Irinax  • Sangrinus  • Saurakai  • Chajon

Former members: Icarax  • Antroz  • Krika  • Bitil  • Vamprah  • Chirox  • Gorast  • Mutran  • Atra  •Nivius  • Rutilus (all deceased)

Servants: Destrus  • Cutl  • Rahkshi  • Nexensian Templar Order

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