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This article is about the Glatorian. You may be looking for the canon character Axonn.

Axon Original
Toa: original
Element Stone
Powers Stone, ice, electricity
Tools Chains
Toa: upgraded
Element Stone
Powers Stone, ice, electricity
Tools Guns, blades
Toa axon
Toa: current
Element Stone
Powers Stone, ice, electricity
Tools Guns, blades
Status Alive
Location Iconox
Pronunciation AX-hon

Axon is a Glatorian. He was once a Toa of Stone.


Axon was once a Matoran of Mata Nui. He created the Mask of Electricity. At some point, he was captured by Bohrok, and was brought to Makuta Teridax, who saw the mask and teleported him away.

He ended up on Bara Magna, where he was attacked by a group of Vorox. He put on his mask, and was transformed into a Toa. He attempted to find metals in the desert, so as to become an eligible Glatorian. After some Arena Matches, he was able to upgrade his Thornax Launcher.

He considered creating a fortress and conquering Roxtus. He managed to recruit a number of beings to join him. He eventually managed to conquer it, but Tuma bribed him, and Axon later agreed to hand the fortress back.

The Order of Mata Nui later contacted him, telling him that he was to be exiled, as he had killed a number of Toa. The Order has sent various assassins to dispatch him, but he has managed to survive thus far.

Powers and equipment

As a Toa, he has full control over his elemental power of stone (or rock, as he prefers to call it). He carries a number of weapons:


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