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"What should I call it? Axorla Nui!"
Axorla Nui
Axorla Nui
Position Jadax Magna
Size The same size as Voya Nui
Population N/A
Status In existence
Pronunciation N/A

Axorla Nui was once part of the Master's spaceship, Tehktra Nui, and is now a small island, full of tropical life. It is currently partially flooded.


Most of Axorla Nui's past is unknown, other than the fact that it was once part of Tehktra Nui.

It broke off when the spaceship landed on Aqua Magna after being weakened by a Crustainax attack. The Tehktra Nuians discovered it in 500 AGC. They thought they could colonize it, so they sent a scout team of Onu-Matoran to check out the area, to see if it was safe for the taking.

The scout party never returned, so Tehktra Nui decided that they shouldn't claim it.


The island has vast tropical forests filled with Rahi.


  • It had no name until Zoruxx discovered it.
  • The image of Axorla Nui was drawn by Ids5621
  • The reason it didn't take off with Tehktra Nui was because when it broke off, the technology did not respond the mainland's functions.


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