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BIONICLE: Friends is a planned comedy video serial by Pokermask.

Plot Summary

Cyrax's New Roommate

Cyrax tells Vavakx, Kylord, and Notha that she is going out with Miella. She says it's not a date.

Later, Kylord begins to talk about something that happened when he was a Matoran, saying that he had no armor. Suddenly, a phone apears. It starts to ring, and he becomes confused so everyone looks at him. He answer, and it's shown to be his "mother" that never called him.

Some minutes later comes Eritko after some sad news that his wife has left. Vavakx gives an alternative to Eritko. Later, in comes Sanya with a wedding dress, and begins to talk with the gang. But when she is going to shake hands with Eritko, he falls down and hurt his back. Vavakx isn't so surprised. While Sanya is talking. she says that her "husband" looks like Mr. Potato Head, which confuses Kylord a lot. Cyrax then remembers that she wasn't invited on the wedding.

More soon...


  • Cyrax's New Roommate



  • It is heavily inspired by the comedy serial Friends.

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