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List of Characters in BIONICLE Legacy, with a small info.



  • Toa Mata - the original Toa from Mata Nui island
    • Tahu - Toa of Fire (Leader)
    • Kopaka - Toa of Ice (Second in lead)
    • Gali - Toa of Water
    • Lewa - Toa of Air
    • Onua - Toa of Earth
    • Pohatu - Toa of Stone
    • Takua - Toa of light, Takanuva, renamed after Ignika transforms them back to their normal form, and Takanuva into another form
    • Mata Nui - Toa of Life, the only Toa with a legendary element. Honorary member
  • Toa Mahri - the Toa team returned from Mahri Nui
    • Jaller
    • Hahli
    • Kongu
    • Nuparo
    • Hewkii
  • Toa Sphera - Toa Team on Sphera Nui
  • Lesovikk
  • Helryx
  • Tuyet
  • Krakua



  • Turaga of Metru Nui
    • Dume
    • Vakama
    • Nuju
    • Nokama
    • Matau
    • Onewa
    • Whenua
  • Turaga of Sphera Nui

Legion of Darkness

Shadow Hunters - Formerly The Dark Hunters

Order of the Skrall

Skakdi Empire

Great Beings

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