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Bionicle Legacy is a Bionicle fan fiction series, all happening after the Reformation of Spherus Magna. This page says the events of Bionicle Legacy in a faster speed.

The Timeline

1,001 AGC - After the great reformation

Story begins when the Great Being Velika blows the fortress of a mad Great Being, killing Helryx, Vezon, Miserix and Lewa, while Brutaka, Artakha, Axonn and Tuyet were saved by several dimensional vortexes appearing from nowhere (The Mad Great Being was teleported by another great being later found to be Aserix). Lewa and Helryx were transported to red star, where they meet a Matoran Mavrah. He share his place with them, until Kopaka and Pohatu show up with Mavrah, and Lewa, Kopaka and Pohatu meet again. They go to the previous teleportation room, now all Matoran there, hoping to fix it, and the Toa then joined them. They also meet Matoro, a Toa of Ice who sacrificed his life to revive Mata Nui.

Meanwhile on Spherus Magna, Axonn and others returned to the place they knew as the base - located somewhere under the Great Spirit Robot's neck. There Axonn tells the members of the Order of Mata Nui that Helryx and Miserix are dead, and they must choose another leader, and postpones the selection meeting forward. After the council, other members of Toa Mata ask him about Lewa, which he tells he doesn't know and he wasn't seen anywhere after the fortress falls and Lewa flew away before the event happened so he was alive.

Meanwhile, the living weapon against all Toa, the Marendar was on the way where the majority of the Toa were established. On its way, it meets Sahmad, and as he attacks Sahmad due to an insult, Sahmad was left to dead. He was later saved by a female Iron Agori and Sahmad finds out there are other survivors than him.

When the second meeting of the elders of the Order of Mata Nui fails to decide a leader, some begin to make their own factions of the Order, making the Order highly vulnerable and weak. Axonn, seeing this, makes his biggest mistake and tries to become a temporarily leader; but in the others' eyes he is power hungry and wants the power for himself only. They try to kill Axonn a few times, and before they even notice, they were fighting with each other with armies each bigger than other; this period is usually called Ordeal of Order as a joke reference to war between order members, usually by the Agori.

1,002 AGC - "Ordeal of Order" War