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BIONICLE Legacy: Sphera Nui is the episode #1 of BIONICLE Legacy storyline. It happens during construction phases of the Shrine of Mata Nui, and later, one of the later attacks from the new Skrall order, led by one of the new Skrall leaders, Narru.


Chapter 1 - Tuma's Tale

Tuma was walking in that endless desert. Betrayed by his tribe. They all have betrayed him. He was defeated, by a worthless Glatorian. They all thought he died. Well, he didn't. They all ran away, leaving his unconscious body to rot there, at the Skrall fight arena. And his armor betrayed him, so as the one who sold him that. But, worst of all, he was feeling he was being watched, but no one couldn't be seen around there. But he was feeling being watched by a mysterious and old sight.

Then he thought of something; what if the shape-shifters where there? But he was barely at the middle of the planet, how they were even near that area. Unless, they moved down ways, as the Skrall did a long time ago, led by him. "Those traitors!" he thought after remembering that time.


Chapter 2 - Shrine of Life

Chapter 3 - City of Sphera Nui

Chapter 4 - The Skakdi Warlords

Chapter 5 - Order of the Skrall

Chapter 6 - The Battle of Ta-Sphera

Chapter 7 - The Journey starts...




  • The Story is more told like a fast history timeline review, not having so many conversations.