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BIONICLE Prophecies: My First Adventure
Setting Mata Nui
Date set 1,000 AGC
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BIONICLE Prophecies is a story by (Takua). It is set in 1,000 AGC, during the quest for the Seventh Toa.


Chapter 1: My Arrival

Hi. My name is Cassandra. Now, let’s get this straight. I have strange adventures! I don’t know why, so I can’t explain it. Maybe it’s just my destiny. But where did my adventures start? And what is the best one? Now that I can tell in one story!

It all started the night before our big trip to the beach. I had been having very strange dreams lately. They were scary, too. Soon it was bedtime; my least favorite time of day. As I fell asleep, my eerie dreams began.

I was in total darkness. Suddenly, I shot forward. I saw an island I couldn’t recognize. I saw a blue and red figure. I then saw a mask that glowed like a flashlight. I saw six heroes. Then I saw them being defeated by a strange new group of six. A name for these dark creatures popped in my mind. RAHKSHI!!! I thought.

I saw two dark, eerie, ominous eyes, and only one name for this figure rang in my head. MAKUTA, I thought. Where had these names come from? I had no idea.

Then I saw a bright gold figure that seemed to resemble the small blue and red figure earlier. He or she also glowed like the mask. He or she was WEARING the mask.

Then a Rahkshi started shocking me!!!

I woke up. My brother was shocking me with his shock-pen.

I went back to sleep for an hour. There were no more dreams.

“Wake up, Cassandra,” my mother said. “We’re leaving in 30 minutes!!!” But I didn’t hear her. I was fast asleep.

An hour later, I saw that my family was gone. I walked outside. “She is finally out here, she is!” said an unfamiliar voice.

I looked on my roof and saw three white giant birds. “What are you supposed to be?” I asked.

“We happen to be Gukko birds,” the other bird said. “And helpers of the Great Spirit.”

Huh? I was pretty sure God didn’t use giant birds as angels...

“Well, get on, then!” The last bird said.

Then I did. At once, the birds flew down, and the other two made it so I was in the middle. Suddenly, the Gukko and I became invisible!!!

We flew for at least a hundred miles, until they made it to a beach that was private property and put me in a container that would have made me forget everything, unless I had ended up finding an escape door on the bottom.

So, I fell way down toward an unfamiliar island...

I landed on the sand, but was not harmed. I saw some mountains which glowed red. They seemed to beckon to me, and I could not resist their call.

Chapter 2: A New World

Back in the village of Ta-Koro, Jaller was looking for his friend Takua.

“Takua?” No answer. “Ah, Takua. He’s got more rocks in his head than a Po-Matoran.”

“Takua!” Jaller still got no answer. “Ah, Takua. Hmph..” He shook his head.

He set his Kolhii stick against a wall. He walked down a spiral hall that was inside a cave, calling with a worried face, “Takua?”

Takua was sight-seeing. “Look, Pewku!” He pointed to a thing across the river of lava. He saw a totem that had a blue light beam shining on it.

He started hopping on rocks to the other side of a river of lava. “That’s – why – they call – me – the Chronicler!” he told himself while jumping from rock to rock.

Meanwhile, while I was walking and crossing a river on stones, I bumped into a blue and red figure. We both fell on the ground.

“Sorry.” He apologized.

“It’s okay. My name is Cassandra. By the way, what’s your name?” I said.

“Takua the Chronicler," he said.

“Look! I bet no one’s ever discovered this before!” He said, pointing to the totem. He narrowed his eyes in curiosity.


Takua looked over his shoulder, and then turned around. The yellow and red figure had talked to him! That is, wherever he came from.

“What are you doing down here alone? We’re supposed to be at the Kolhii match!” he reminded Takua, pointing to his head.

“Oh, yeah. Uh, sorry, Jaller. Uh, hold on a sec. I just need to check out that totem,” answered Takua.

And I made a new friend, too, Takua thought to himself. And she’s nicer than Jaller.

“You’re hopping across lava just to look at a stupid warning totem? Do you know what Turaga Vakama would say?” asked Jaller.

Takua sighed and pointed his finger to his mouth in a pondering way. “Irresponsible?” he answered. The leader of his village called him this often.

“Now come on!” raged Jaller furiously, impatient.

“Be… right… there! Ha, ha!” replied Takua. He hopped from the last rock to the other side. Then he bowed.

“Very impressive...” clapped Jaller sarcastically. “Now let’s go!”

Takua picked up the totem. He sighed in relief.

Suddenly, there was a rumble. Boulders fell. The ground shook, causing Takua to lose his balance, and, of course, making him drop the totem. It started rolling down the bank slope. “Uh-oh!” said Takua.

The big, heavy, rock totem seemed to float at first, and then sank in. Takua was about to reach into the lava when it hissed, reminding him that it could melt solid rock, not to mention a little guy like him.

Suddenly, a mask that seemed to be part flashlight floated up from the lava with pieces of the totem on it. It had been inside the totem!

Takua picked the mask up. It was hot, so he “juggled it” for a bit. He shook one hand at a time, cooling them. Then he stared at the mask with wonder and admiration.

“Wow, never seen this language,” whispered Takua, talking to himself while admiring the writing on the mask. I couldn’t read it either.

“Takua!” said Jaller.

“Hold your Rahi! I’m coming!” replied Takua.

There was another rumble. A lava wave was coming!

“Takua, get out of there!” warned Jaller. A giant crab started squealing.

“Here, take the mask!” Takua said, tossing the mask to Jaller. Jaller jumped and caught the mask. Takua gestured for me to follow him, grabbed his lava surfboard and then surfed the lava.

Running, Takua yelled: “Ahh!”

But we had only made it halfway! Then a gigantic tsunami of lava formed above us!

Takua used his arms to shield his head. Next, a blur of red grabbed us.

Not again! Another Toa? Well, he or she certainly looks different. What is a Toa anyway? I thought.

“Ah, Toa Tahu,” said Takua.

So this is a Toa! Seeing he saved us, perhaps a Toa is some sort of great protector, I thought.

“Chronicler. Sightseeing, were ya?” asked Tahu.

Tahu surfed off a cliff. Takua screamed.

“Let’s take a closer look at these falls,” said Tahu as he jumped off the cliff.

Tahu dug his magma swords into the cliff. “So, Takua, this view close enough?” asked fiery, red-hot Tahu.

“Incoming!” said Takua, pointing to some lava that was pouring down toward them.

Tahu formed a red see-through shield. Then, closing his shield, he started climbing up the cliff.

“So, who’s your little friend there?" asked Tahu.

“Cassandra,” Takua answered. "I met her just before you saved us.”

“So, Cassandra, where did you come from?” asked Tahu.

“I came from the United States,” I answered.

Tahu frowned. The United States was definitely not on Mata Nui.

Chapter 3: The Game of Truth

“Ah, Takua,” said Jaller, looking down at the “flashlight mask”.

Why did he have to die? wondered Jaller. Now I have no Kolhii partner and no friend!

Tahu slammed his swords into the sand. Jaller looked up.

“Toa Tahu,” said Jaller. He looked down, then up again, frowning. “Takua, he didn’t-”

Takua peeked up. He and I hopped off Tahu’s back.

“You’re alive!” Jaller picked up Takua and shook him. “Kolhii head! You could have been lava bones!” He put his friend down.

“Takua! Takua!” The giant crab squealed as she licked Takua’s mask.

“Could've been, but I’m not,” replied Takua.

“A Great Kanohi Mask!” exclaimed Tahu.

“It was in the lava. Takua-” answered Jaller.

“This could be important. Take it to Turaga Vakama.” Jaller started to walk away, but Tahu pulled him back. “After you’ve won the Kolhii match. Then no more ‘sight-seeing.’” Takua looked embarrassed.

“Yes, Toa Tahu.”

Soon we entered a village that Jaller called Ta-Koro.

“So, Takua, who is this?” asked Jaller. “She looks a lot different than we do!”

“Jaller, this is Cassandra, and I saw her just before you came. She was the one who was right beside me,” Takua answered.

“I didn’t see anyone. Nobody at all. Not even away from you!” responded Jaller.

I was so offended!

As we got closer to a large stadium, we heard a figure that Takua called Turaga Vakama talking.

“We are thankful to the Great Spirit and for his gift of the six guardians, who represent the elements, our mighty Toa! We now enjoy peace and prosperity, and the opportunity to build, as we have with our new Kolhii field!” We heard cheering.

We went through a door. Inside that door were two more doors. One said EXIT, and the other said ENTRANCE. Of course, we went through the entrance. Inside the next room were three more doors. One said MATORAN, another said TOA and the last said PLAYERS. Tahu went through the TOA, Jaller and Takua went through the PLAYERS. I went through the last one. I was beginning to think that Kolhii was a sport.

There were six more doors. One said TA-KORO.

Meanwhile, the Turaga went on. “Let us welcome our protectors! First, from the village of fire, Toa Tahu!” the crowd cheered as Tahu somersaulted onto the Toa Podium.

“From the village of water, Toa Gali!” Vakama continued. The crowd again cheered as a blue Toa walked onto the Podium.

And from the village of stone, Toa Pohatu!” ended Vakama. The crowd once again cheered as a brown Toa joined the others.

The Toa waved. “Nice to see you again, Gali...” said Tahu, not making eye contact.

“Thank you, Tahu...” answered Gali with a hint of anger in her voice.

“Brother, I am thrilled to be here!” said Pohatu, walking over to meet his brother Toa.

Tahu laughed. “Well, couldn’t miss a first match without the patron of Kolhii!”

Pohatu answered. He chuckled. “And so I am here!”

He chuckled again, and Gali sulked and looked away.

“Always a pleasure, Gali,” Pohatu said as he turned to his sister.

Tahu looked away as well.

Pohatu sighed, and shook his head. He put his arms on their shoulders and said, “You two, still so ill at ease? Put your petty differences aside! Rejoice!”

Gali scoffed again.

Pohatu looked at his sister, surprised at her hostile behaviour.

“I think my brother is afraid of getting his fire extinguished,” she said, as if trying to cause trouble.

Then, as if in response, just as playful, Tahu shot back, “Ah, hah, hah! Sister, against me you’d be nothing but steam; hot air, as they say.”

Pohatu shook his head.

Below, the Turaga were listening.

“The Toa squabble like Gukko over a berry,” frowned Onewa, Turaga of stone.

“They reason for victory, but they have forgotten how they need each other,” added the Turaga of water.

“Indeed, Nokama,” agreed Vakama, the Turaga of fire. “We dedicate this field to Great Spirit, Mata Nui. And to the three virtues: unity, duty, and destiny!”

The Matoran in the crowd stood up and repeated the saying as a flag appeared.


The Matoran paused as Vakama stepped up. “Let the tournament begin!” he announced

“Ta-Koro welcomes three teams!” said an announcer.

“From the desert village of Po-Koro: Bronze Mask winners, and undisputed Kolhii champions, Hewkii and Hafu!”

“From the watery village of Ga-Koro: the challengers, Hahli and Macku!”

“And now, your own Captain of the Guard, and the Chronicler himself, Jaller and Takua!”

As Takua, jumped out, he saw he was on the wrong side and turned around and got on the other.

Jaller smiled at the sight of the crowd and the fact he was once again playing Kolhii. “Try your new move!” suggested Jaller.

“Of course!” answered Takua. “It’s what the audience came for!”

Then the game began. Hewkii kicked the ball into the Ga-Koro goal. Macku tried to block it, but it roared past her.

“Great kick! Goal!”

Hewkii tried to "goal" past Macku again. Again, he succeeded!

Hahli, ready for revenge for her team, teammate and friend, scored in the Po-Koro goal. Then she tried to score again. It was in the goal in which Jaller was guarding. But this time she failed. Jaller blocked it!

“Nice save!”

“Huh, not bad!” commented Hahli.

“Nothing gets past the captain of the guard,” bragged Jaller, stomping his Kolhii stick. “Unless he wishes it.”

“Hmm,” Hahli thought out loud. “I’ll keep that in mind.”

Then Hahli scored in the Po-Koro goal.

Uh-oh. On the scoreboard, it said: Po-Koro: 2 Ga-Koro: 2 Ta-Koro: 0. That meant our team had to get three points in a row, which was barely possible!

But Takua had to try. He had to try for the team! So he got control of the ball. He yelled and did a back flip in the air. But the ball ended up hitting Turaga Vakama on the head!

Takua landed face down on the ground. That wasn’t supposed to happen!

“Oooh!” booed the announcer and the audience at the same time.

“Mata Nui!” exclaimed the announcer. “I don’t think we’ve seen that move before!”

Jaller sighed and hit his head with his Kolhii stick.

The ball rolled past Takua. Then Halhi scored in the Ta-Koro goal. Jaller jumped out of the way just in time to dodge the zooming ball.

“And Hahli scores! The winning tournament goes to Ga-Koro!”

“Aaah...” groaned Jaller.

“Let’s hear it, folks! What a game!” said the announcer as Pohatu clanked fists with Gali. He tried to do the same with Tahu, turning around, but Tahu turned around, turning his back on Pohatu and indicating that he refused to clank fists.

“Good defense, Macku. Great shooting, Hewkii,” commented Halhi as the players went towards the middle, clanking Kolhii sticks with the two.

Hewki panted, “Good shooting yourself, Hahli!”

“Not bad, for a Ga-Matoran,” said Jaller as he and his secret girlfriend hit their sticks together.

“Hey, Takua!" she commented. “Nice move back there. A little more practice, and you’ll have something amazing!”

“Thanks,” he replied tonelessly.

“Congratulations to Ga-Koro!” beamed the fire Turaga. “And well played by all.”

Everyone bowed.

The mask fell out of Jaller’s backpack. At first, Jaller and Takua kicked it back and forth. Then, the third time they kicked it and Takua kicked it to Jaller, it drew all its light to him.

The crowd gasped. What could this mean?

Jaller shielded his eyes.

Chapter 4: The Legend

Turaga Nokama told me that there was some strange thing about that mask. But before we could start pondering, Vakama started to tell me and the rest a legend….. “Gathered friends, listen again to our legend of the BIONICLE.

"In the time before time, the Great Spirit descended from the heavens, carrying we, called the Matoran, to this island paradise. We were separate, and without purpose, so the Great Spirit blessed us with the three virtues: unity, duty, and destiny. We embraced these gifts, and in gratitude, named our island home Mata Nui, after the Great Spirit himself.

"But our happiness was not to last. For Mata Nui’s brother, the Makuta, was jealous of these honors and betrayed him, casting a spell over Mata Nui, who fell into a deep slumber.

The Makuta was free to unleash his shadows. And unleash them he did..."

I gasped. Were there gods other than my own? And if this was true...

What challenges lied ahead?

Chapter 5: Prophecy Fulfilled

Nokama started praising the mask, placed in the Suva. Then she started speaking some foreign language.

“What is she doing?” asked Takua.

“Shh, translating,” answered Jaller.


“This is Kanohi Avohkii, the Great Kanohi Mask of Light. It is to be worn only by a seventh Toa,” said Nokama. Everyone gasped.

“The prophecies are being fulfilled!” said Gali, Toa of Water.

Nokama looked at the mask as if it were very sacred, and looked through the eye-holes, held it up and said, “A Toa of Light!”

There was a vast silence of awe, until Vakama stepped up.

“There is a legend of the coming of a seventh Toa, who will bring light to the shadows and awaken Mata Nui,” added Vakama.

Tahu leapt forward. “What are we waiting for? We should prepare for this Toa’s arrival. When shall it be? And where?” he asked.

“Ah, the seventh Toa will not just simply appear like you and the others did. The seventh Toa must be found,” answered Turaga Onewa.

“The mask chose who would find it. Perhaps it also chose who would deliver it to its master,” noted Nokama.

“Wait,” said Tahu. “At the stadium, there was a sign. The mask drew all its light upon one Matoran: Jaller.” Everyone gasped. “He must be the herald of the seventh Toa.”

“But I didn’t — Tell them the truth. Say something!” demanded Jaller.

“I do say something. I say, Hail Jaller! All hail Jaller! Herald of the seventh Toa!” proclaimed Takua.

Then everyone raised their fists into the air and repeated, “Hail Jaller! Hail Jaller!”

“You cannot do this to me! You have to be the herald!” raged Jaller, whispering.

“Captain of the Guard, approach,” announced Vakama.

“Takua!” murmured Jaller.

“Go on!” urged Takua. Giving his friend a shove, he shrugged.

“Jaller, will you seek the seventh Toa?” asked Vakama.

“I- I will,” said Jaller. Takua tried to slip away, but Jaller suddenly grabbed him, saying, “And Takua the Chronicler has volunteered to join me.”

Everyone cheered, except me. He didn’t want to go. But now he would have to.

“Perfect.” said Vakama. “While Jaller makes history, you will record it. Soon we will have another great chapter to add to our wall.”

“Yes, Turaga,” agreed Takua. “It will be full of Jaller’s brave deeds.”

Jaller sighed and rolled his eyes.

“Who else will come with you?” asked Vakama.

“I volunteer,” I said.

So it was set. The three of us would make the journey alone.

Chapter 6: Makuta Rolls in the Heat...

Tahu jumped back by Pohatu. “A seventh Toa. But why now? All of Makuta’s threats have been defeated. We definitely don’t need another Toa.”

“Who can defy the wisdom of Mata Nui? I am simply willing to take great news to the north.” Replied Pohatu.

“You travel with Gali?” asked Tahu.

“No,” answered Pohatu. “She has gone to ponder the great thoughts.”

Gali looked up in the sky after a few minutes of pondering thoughts while criss-crossed. The stars she was staring at were the six Toa stars. As long as their Toa was alive, they shone. They also showed others where they were.

Suddenly, she saw a star appear. Before, there were six. Now there were seven!

Gali gasped. “A seventh star!” she said, surprised. She started glowing and floating in the air. She continued to ponder, another thought added.

Deep down in Makuta’s underground lair, Makuta was planning his next move.

“The seventh Toa has begun its approach. Again, the prophecies of the Matoran oppose my will! Must I release those who shall never see the light of day?” pondered Makuta. "Hmm..."

Makuta plucked three kraata off his body. Kraata were the tiny leach-like creatures that control the Rahi that live on Mata Nui, and the dangerous Rahkshi. They spread infection wherever they go. They were part of Makuta himself.

Makuta put the three kraata in three water-filled, test-tube like tubes that had bubbles in them. The tubes had Rahkshi in them.

“Their unity will be broken,” snarled Makuta. “Their duty will be poisoned. Their destiny I... must... shatter!”

A Rahkshi shrieked.

“Go my sons. Use the shadows. And keep my brother asleep.”

The door of Makuta’s lair closed as Lerahk, Rahkshi of Poison, Guurahk, Rahkshi of Disintegration, and Panrahk, Rahkshi of Fragmentation, passed through after the Makuta said these words: “Stop the prophecy. May both the new Toa fail.”

A stone slab fell down, and we went through a doorway.

“Toa Pohatu has left for the north,” reported Turaga Vakama. "He spreads word of your search.”

“Thanks. I’ll take all the help I can, uh, give to Jaller for the, uh, quest. The one that’s his, that is,” said Takua.

Jaller was frowning. His girlfriend, a Ga-Matoran named Halhi, said, “Don’t get mushy, Jaller. I have no time for a long goodbye.”

“I just wanted to say,” said Jaller... “You owe me a rematch on the Kolhii field.”

“Well, then,” laughed Halhi. “You’d better hurry back. Cause I’ll be practicing!”

Takua hopped on the giant crab. He must have been a pet. “You’re bringing Pewku?” asked Jaller.

“Are you kidding?” answered Takua. “I couldn’t leave her behind if I wanted to!”

I smiled. Takua was an animal lover! Just like me!

Takua and Jaller started shoving each other. “Stop!” said Takua.

“Remember,” said Vakama, “the shadows of the Makuta are powerful.”

Takua started mocking the Turaga.

“Do not take your journey lightly,” continued the Turaga. “It will tolerate none of your foolery!” The Turaga’s last sentence made Takua turn around, then turn back.

Takua cleared his throat. “And, um, how do we know where to start?” asked Takua.

“Trust in the mask,” said Vakama. “Let it be your guide.”

Jaller looked at his backpack. Then he took out the Mask of Light. “Whoa!” said Jaller. “Hard to argue with that!”

“Be true to your duty,” said Vakama. “And walk in the light.”

As we walked away, he said in a hopeful voice, “Safely in the light.”

Gali was still pondering, sitting criss-cross in the air when squawking birds flew by, disturbed by some strange enemy.

She crouched down on her knees, hands touching the ground. Nearby, a lid covering the entrance to a tunnel popped open, sliced in three. Panrahk, Guurahk, and Lerahk climbed out of the tunnel. They hissed, and then tapped their staffs to the ground. The Rahkshi had arrived.

She gasped. “Mata Nui!” she exclaimed.

“What was that?” I asked.

“Probably just thunder,” answered Jaller.

“And lightning,” added Takua.

I rolled my eyes and said: “Maybe we should check the village.”

“Are you crazy?” responded my two new friends.

Pewku flashed me a look of sadness in her eyes. Jaller would regret this later; his heart would be torn two ways, and I would have wished I had warned them to leave before it was too late...

Panrahk squealed. He saw Gali and tried to turn her to fragments with his Staff of Power. She quickly leapt away, down and into a nearby river. She was blue, and the water was blue, so she blended in. The Rahkshi climbed down the cliff and made sure she was gone. They were satisfied that she was gone, so they started to walk away.

She couldn’t stay under forever, so she got out if the water.

As Gali got out of the water, she made a splash. So when the Rahkshi heard it, they cocked their heads and all shrieked at the same time. They got in flying position, and flew over a waterfall where Gali was hiding. She popped her head out of the water and looked at the horizon to see where they were headed.

She frowned. “They’re headed for Ta-Koro!” said Gali, worried.

She attached her axes to her feet and started swimming. As soon as she went as far as she could by water, she went as far as she could by land.

As she approached the village gate, the guard said, “The Toa of Water approaches! The Toa of Water—”

“—is here! Sound the alarm!” finished Gali.

She ran off. The guard saluted the Toa, then took out a shell and blew. The other guards responded by doing the same. The switch monitor put down the bridge. The two Toa, the guards and the Turaga stood to watch what their new enemy was like. The Rahkshi appeared out of nowhere.

“Rahkshi,” said Nokama.

“Shadows that cower in the depths. Exactly as foretold!” exclaimed Vakama.

Tahu grunted as he jumped down in front of the Rahkshi. “None have breached Ta-Koro’s gates before,” he said. “And none shall this day!” He summoned his fire powers.

Panrahk shot a power blast at Tahu, just to bump him out of the way. Tahu tried to block it, but failed.

Gali frowned. She had experienced the Rahkshi’s power before, but she didn’t know they were this powerful! She saw that their new enemies were headed for Tahu to finish him, so she went to his aid.

“I’m coming, Tahu!” said Gali. "Hah!" She faced in and pushed against the Guurahk's staff. But the Rahkshi almost pushed her off the building like she was nothing but a feather!

Tahu got up and whispered, “The Matoran.” He looked at Panrahk. He was meddling with the pebbles with his staff.

Tahu charged, saying: “Urrrrrrrr! Over here!”

Panrahk hissed.

"Take this!" Tahu trapped his enemy with a fire cage.

“Good job,” said Gali. “We must get the Matoran to safety now!”

“Surrender?” asked Tahu, wondering why they were retreating.

“It’s lost, Tahu. We need to regroup!” replied Gali.

Tahu sighed. “So be it!”

Meanwhile, Guurahk had found two young Ta-Matoran hiding in a well. But it let them be, because he was looking for some Ta-Matoran Herald. And Makuta did say to keep his brother asleep, right?

Halhi was also hiding in a well. She whimpered. She hoped the Rahkshi didn’t find her! She whimpered an even more scared whimper as someone reached in and grabbed her hand, pulling her up.

Halhi was relieved. It was only Gali. As Lerahk walked away, Gali ordered, “Lead the others to safety.”

“Yes, Toa Gali,” answered Halhi. Halhi pulled the switch to bring the bridge back up. All the Matoran hurried out the gate.

Vakama hit Lerahk with his staff. It was a little pathetic, but brave for a Turaga. "Back, you foul creature!" sneered Vakama, hitting the Rahkshi again. "One more step, and I'll—"

Tahu stepped beside the wise elder. "I'll take it from here, wise one!" He held his swords side by side.

Tahu formed a fire cage around Lerahk. But Lerahk used his poison to melt it. Tahu crossed his swords, ready to fight the creature. But it stabbed the ground and lifted a peice of the stone floor, knocking Tahu backwards. Tahu crab-walked backwards to get away.

“Hurry, go quickly!” Gali urged the last Matoran. When she saw Tahu struggling to keep the Lerahk’s staff from touching him as he whimpered, she frowned and said, “Brother, be careful!”

He whimpered again as Lerahk squealed, therefore, spreading infection to his mask. But the Toa didn’t know.

“Hey, Rahkshi!” Gali sent a wave of water to the Rahkshi just before Tahu got on top of Lerahk, also damaging Tahu’s mask.

“Tahu! Your mask—! I’m sorry!” said Gali.

Tahu wiped the water off his face. “It’s nothing!” he said, indicating that there was nothing wrong with his mask, even though there was.

As they started out of the village, Tahu said, “Gali! Jump on!”

His swords formed a lava board. He jumped on and started surfing. So did Gali.

The Rahkshi broke the thing that held the village up as the Toa and Turaga watched.

“My home!” exclaimed Vakama.

“They could’ve destroyed us. Why didn’t they?” asked Tahu.

“They are seekers. Whatever they came for they did not find,” answered Vakama.

“Then what are they after?” questioned Gali.

“Makuta fears for his spell of shadows,” replied Vakama.

“The Mask of Light?” said Gali.

“They seek the seventh Toa,” said Tahu. He gasped. “Jaller, Takua and Cassandra!"

“Who’s Cassandra?” asked Gali.

“Remember, she’s that new Matoran,” answered Tahu.

“But she doesn’t look like us,” said Gali.

“Maybe so, but she is a Matoran, and she may be wiser than we think,” said Vakama.

“Anyway, we will summon the Toa to find them,” said Gali.

“Don’t trouble the others, Sister. I’ll see to their safety myself,” said Tahu.

“No, Tahu! No! We must remain united!” said Gali.

Tahu sighed. “If you insssssist,” he hissed.

Chapter 7: Excitement Takes Off

Takua, Jaller, and I had made it to the jungle.

“I hate the jungle!” complained Takua. “It’s all sticky, and full of — ahh!” Takua smashed a mosquito that was on his arm. “Bugs!”

“What are you talking about?” asked Jaller in fascination. “It’s incredible!”

“The only things I hate about the jungles are the mosquitoes and, most of all, the leeches!” I commented.

“What on Mata Nui are leeches?” asked Jaller and Takua at the same time.

“Never mind,” I said.

“Is there any place on Mata Nui that you do feel at home?” asked Jaller.

“I don’t complain about Ta-Koro,” answered Takua.

“But you always wander off looking for stories,” noted Jaller. “What about your story?”

“I don’t have a story,” answered Takua.

“Only because you won’t stand still long enough to make one,” responded Jaller. “We all have a destiny, you know.”

“You know me, ALWAYS DIFFERENT!” said Takua.

Then, just then, an orange, growling, terrifying, ranting, raving, bear-like creature came in front of us and reared us up to a tree.

“Get help!” Takua told me. I ran as fast as I could.

“Hold him off,” Jaller told Takua as he climbed up a tree. “I’m-”

“Running away and leaving me!” cut off Takua.

“Just watch,” Jaller told him. "Toa Tahu does this!”

“Whaaa!” said Jaller as he jumped on the Ash Bear’s back. He fell to the ground hard as vines wrapped around the bear’s legs and pulled the bear up.

Then, a familiar form that I had not seen since I fell off my capsule appeared. “Toa Lewa, Spirit of Air!” announced Takua, as he recognized the figure. I guess being the Chronicler gives you knowledge...

“Mata Nui, where did you learn to bear-fight like that, little one?” asked Lewa.

“Right here,” groaned Jaller in pain. “Just now.”

“Well, I say, you’re a natural! Brave fire-spitter!” exclaimed Lewa in optimism.

Jaller groaned in extreme pain. But it would not last long. "Better finish what I started..." Je reached for a stick from his backpack, extended two blades on each side, and pointed it at the dangling bear.

Lewa was not happy about it. "Now, now! What that for?! You and Ash Bear got no wrong-quarrel!"

Jaller walked away, disappointed.

Lewa stroked the creature. "Just doing her duty!" he lowered the vines, and he turned to Jaller. "If this was your home realm, you'd do the same."

The vines snapped, and the bear got up. Lewa pointed out into the ferns and forest. "Go, now, sister-bear!"

The bear growled in acceptance and tromped away.

Lewa whistled for me to come down. I came down on a vine in the perfectly same style as he did.

“There you are, Cassandra! Did you get Toa Lewa? Is that how you saved us? If you did at all?” Takua spat out.

This confused me, but I ignored his admired look. First, I explained to the two Matoran when I had met Lewa.

“Anyway,” said Lewa, “word is deep-wood that you seek the seventh Toa.”

“He seeks,” Takua said. "I follow. He’s the herald, I’m just his biographer.”

“If Toa Lewa helped on your search, might he be a spirit-lift?” asked Lewa.

“You?” Takua asked. “With us?”

Lewa nodded.

“We’d be honored to have you walk with us,” Jaller answered.

“Walk? HA! Not never!” laughed Lewa. “If you ride with me, there'll be no footwalkin’, just airflyin’!” Lewa whistled.

A grayer, browner version of the earlier birds appeared. He (or she) squawked. I guess only white ones could talk.

“Ever wind-fly a Gukko bird?” asked Lewa.

“Yes,” I answered.

“No,” Jaller said.

“Uh, I’ve been a second,” Takua said, scratching his arm nervously. “But I’ve, uh, never flown one myself.”

“Then today’s for quicklearnin’!” said Lewa

He grabbed Takua and Jaller and put them on the back of the Guuko bird. His smile was quickly a frown.

“Uh-oh, aister, I am afraid you won’t fit! Wait, YOU CAN’T FIT!” exclaimed Lewa.

It was true. The small bird only had room for two.

“Never mind, I shall stick to the trees! I love the sounds and adventure!” I said. “I will be fine. I have climbed trees since I was five years old! I’ve always wanted to swing on vines!”

“And once you meet the end of the jungle, I will carry you!” offered Lewa.

“Thanks!” I replied.

“Stay quick,” said Lewa, “and follow well!” Then he took off.

Pewku tried to follow.

“Sorry, Pewku,” Takua said. “No room. Go on home.”

Pewku whined.

I jumped on the back of Lewa.

“Wahoo!” we both said.

Chapter 8: A Cold, Hard Truth


The Guuko squawked constantly throughout the flight. Lewa did a twist as they went up the mountain. They flew over the snowy mountain top.

Takua was doing well, until…


Right into the snow. Only the Gukko bird was injured.

Takua used Jaller to push himself up. Jaller made muffled sounds, an effort to get Takua’s attention.

Takua brushed himself off. When Jaller got up with a frown, Takua brushed the snow off his friend. He accidentally got some snow in his buddy’s mouth. Jaller gagged, and pushed Takua.

“What?” Takua asked. “We’re here!”

“Hey, not bad!” said Jaller, shining the mask's light around. “You even kept us on the right path!”

They saw Lewa and I and ran right over. Unfortunately, Lewa and I had a sad face on.

“The drums of Le-Koro bring a sorry-bad story...” Lewa said.

We could all hear the beating of drums, but only Lewa knew his village’s secret code.

He translated: “Your — village — has fallen to…”

“What?” asked Takua.

“What? WHAT?” asked Jaller impatiently.

“Let him concentrate!” I said.

“RAHKSHI!” Lewa answered in fear. “The Makuta Sons!”

“My village? In trouble?” asked Jaller. Lewa nodded.

“Ahh,” sighed Jaller. “I should have been there.” He looked around. “I must return!”

“Sorry, fire-spitter,” Lewa replied. “Past late to help now. The mask most needs you.”

Jaller looked at the mask. Pushing it at Takua, he said, “Takua will continue in my place!”

Takua scowled and pushed it back. “Uh-uh! NO WAY!!! You accepted this duty!”

Jaller pushed it back STILL. “I accepted YOUR duty!”

“Stop!” demanded Lewa. “What is this duty-quarrel? We all have a duty to Mata Nui! No time to in-fight!”

He pointed to the mountain and said,I must go and be with the Toa.” He knelt down in front of the disappointed Ta-Matoran herald, put his hands on Jaller’s shoulders, and said, “but then I will go to your village, Jaller.”

The Matoran looked away.

“Heart-promise!” insisted Lewa.

“I... I can't thank you enough, Toa...” replied the Matoran, not making eye contact.

Lewa took a running start and took off toward the mountain.

Up the mountain near Ta-Koro…

“Ta-Koro is gone, Lewa,” Tahu mourned, looking down at the magma. “Buried by the very lava that sustained it...”

“Oh, Tahu!” Gali said, touching his poisoned mask.

It hissed at her touch, and Tahu pulled it away. “You worry about scratches! My village is GONE! Your power was nothing.” His face turned from furious to heartbreaking. “MY power was... NOTHING!” He sat down, depressed.

Lewa touched Tahu’s shoulder then looked him in the eye. “We are same-hearted, brother. And that heart will quicken to stop the evil-spread.”

Gali stood in between the two Toa and put her arms on their shoulders. “First we must be united. Together we are strong!”

Tahu scoffed and walked away.

Chapter 9: The Danger Begins

We were soon struggling in a blizzard.

“Does something look familiar?” asked Takua.

“Well, maybe it would be clearer if the real herald had the mask!” answered Jaller.

“The real herald HAS the mask!” Takua replied.

I rolled my eyes. Now I was getting annoyed of their fighting.

“I couldn’t find water if I fell out of a canoe,” Takua continued.

“Then what do you think I can find?” Jaller asked.

Right then, we bumped into some figures.

Bohrok!” Takua and Jaller screamed.

“Ahh!” Jaller screamed. Then he took a closer look. “Frozen? What could do this to them?”

We heard something walk toward us. What looked like a whitish, bluish Toa knocked the Bohrok out of his way. He pulled a blade-like tool to his chest to stop the blizzard. He had to be a Toa!

Kopaka!” Jaller said, bowing. “Toa of Ice! How did you find us?”

“It was you who were following me,” Kopaka said harshly.

“We were?” Jaller asked, glancing at his friend.

“We didn’t mean to!” said Takua as he chased the icy Toa. “We were lost!”

“We’re on a mission,” Jaller said. “I suppose you’ve heard of it?"

“No,” answered Kopaka icily.

“Oh. Well, we’re on a search to find the Seventh Toa,” said Jaller. “You see, Takua was out where the lava break is, where he’s not supposed to be, by the way...”

Kopaka used his mask to look at something. It looked like a gate to a village.

Ko-Koro.” He zoomed in to get information on his village’s status. It told him his village was destroyed. “NOOO!”

The gate suddenly started to glow. A beam shot through it towards us.

“Mata Nui!” I said. I lunged towards Jaller and Takua, pushing them out of the way.

“What was that for?” asked Jaller.

I pointed toward the Rahkshi. We all ran until I remembered Kopaka, and I ran back to him.

“Kopaka!” I said. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah,” he answered.

I helped him up. Suddenly, Kopaka put his ice sword in front of Jaller and Takua. They saw that they had nearly falled over a cliff, and sighed in relief.

Kopaka threw down his ice shield and said, “Go.”

Just as Takua pushed Jaller on the shield and pushed it down the hill, Jaller said, “The Captain of the Guard never runs awaaaaaaaaaaay!”

Kopaka broke his sword in half and put them on his feet like ice skates.

“Aaah!” screamed Takua.

“See you at the bottom!” I said. I slid right beside them on my backpack, for I had nothing else...

As Kopaka faced the Rahkshi, he thought things through. He had never seen these creatures before. He crossed his swords, ready to protect himself. Guurahk blasted a cone-shaped blue energy beam. It might has turned Kopaka's swords into dust, but only knocked him back, and he twisted in the air, putting his blades on his feet in order to surf down the slope.

“Dead end!” said Takua. They screamed as they neared a steep hill.

Kopaka grabbed his shield and steered us around the hill. Suddenly, a Rahkshi blast knocked Kopaka down the hill, and he passed out. We also got knocked down the hill, but only Jaller was unconscious.

“Jaller!” said Takua, shaking his friend.

Jaller moaned.

“Jaller!” Takua shook him again.

“Huh? Oh!” exclaimed Jaller.

The Rahkshi were getting closer...

“The mask!” Takua remembered. There was a lake in front of us. Takua grabbed the shield and the mask and started to row across with the mask.

Jaller shielded his head. But the Rahkshi soared right over him, towards Takua.

What? raged Jaller in his head. Us? What did we do?

"Takua, look out!" I warned.

As Takua saw the approaching creatures, he froze in fear, clutching the mask.

Kopaka arose and shot an ice blast just strong enough to knock the Rahkshi into the water. “Rahkshi, washed and chilled,” said Kopaka as he froze the water.

Takua gasped as the green Rahkshi raised its hand out of the water to grab Takua... just before it was frozen. Takua laughed. He stepped onto the ice and one foot froze to it. He sighed and groaned, and fell down.

Kopaka walked to Takua. Jaller shook off the scary events and ran towards his friend. I followed close behind.

Jaller slid under the Rahkshi arm. Kopaka picked up his shield. Takua pulled his foot as hard as he could. He got it out, stood up, and sighed. His mask was lopsided.

“Nice moves,” commented Kopaka.

“Even I get lucky sometimes,” Takua replied.

“Not luck. It’s what you do that makes you a hero,” said Kopaka as he turned Takua’s mask and patted his head.

“Kopaka, meet Cassandra,” introduced Takua.

“Hi,” I said.

We heard something approaching. Pewku came running towards us.

“No, stop Pewku!” demanded Jaller.

“Pewku!” said Takua held as he out his arms. The big crab pushed Takua back a few yards. The giant crab licked Takua’s mask.

“Ha! She must have made it all the way through the jungle!” chuckled Takua.

“Not bad! Hey, maybe Pewku should be the Herald, eh, Toa Kopa—”

Kopaka walked away, cutting Jaller off.

“He... He just left us here...” Jaller whimpered.

“He must see to his village...” Takua pointed out.

Takua put the mask in Jaller's pack, and we continued our journey. Behind us, the Rahkshi hand glittered in the sunlight...

Chapter 10: Makuta's Mysterious Attempts

Soon we came to a tunnel, and Takua was obviously not happy about it.

There was a rock with some weird writing on it. “Onu-Koro highway,” Takua read. “Looks like it hasn’t been used in a while… And we don’t have a lightstone.”

Pewku whined.

Jaller held up the mask. “Hah!!! Who needs lightstones?”

Jaller headed into the tunnel, followed by Pewku.

Takua stomped his foot angrily. “UGH! Tunnels...” Takua shook his head and followed. I was right behind him.

“Takua, I know you don’t like the dark. I can tell. But if you do happen to wander off, just try to take me with you, okay?” I requested. “If we get lost, it’s best to stick with someone.”

Takua nodded his head in appreciation and understanding. “Okay... Cassandra, you have to be the best friend I have.”

I blushed.

As we walked, he said, “And it isn’t the dark I fear. It is the shadows… That is where…” He seemed to shudder at just the thought of what he was going to say.

I would soon find out who and why…

He walked over to a glowing bush. “Hmm… Hey…”

He had an idea. Takua plucked two leaves off the bush and held them to his head. I laughed loudly.

Takua laughed as well. “Hah, hah! Hey, Jaller!” Takua turned around. Jaller wasn’t behind us.

“Jaller???” Takua called.

Suddenly, the room got darker, and a sinister voice was apparent. “TAKUA…”

“Jaller...?” Takua called. He ran in fear. “Jaller??? JALLER?” He slammed into a wall.

“Are you okay?” I whispered as I helped him up.

He didn’t reply. He was shaking in fear. I looked where he was staring. A pair of red eyes turned the tunnel red.


Only one name beamed in my head. Makuta…

“I-I know who you are…” shivered Takua. “I-I’m not afraid…” He was leaning against the wall, and crept back to hide. I don’t think Makuta sensed my presence.

Makuta still found him. “EVEN MY SHADOWS CANNOT HIIDE YOUR FEEAR!!!” he hissed. “OR THE TRUTH!!!”

Takua was confused. “What truth?”


Takua put his arm over his head, shielding it against the dark gleaming light. “So I won’t…” admitted the frightened Matoran. “Maybe Jaller will!”


"No!" resisted Takua bravely. "I won't let everyone down!!!"

"YOU FAIL THEM MOOORE IF YOU REFUSE!" Makuta said darkly, threatening the small Matoran, who was breathing deeply in fear. "FOR THE MASK, YOUR VILLAGES AAAND JALLER WIIILL BEEE SPAAARED! DOOON'T BE A FOOOL!"

Makuta dissolved out of the cave.

“NO!!! I CAN’T!!!” insisted Takua.


We felt Makuta’s full presence leave the cave as the mask shone its light on us.

"Ahh!" Takua jumped in surprise.

“The mask is pointing this way,” reported Jaller.

Takua looked around nervously, then turned around and kept going.

“So, where’d you wander off to?” Jaller asked his shivering friend.

“Um, Jaller, about the mask…” Takua changed the subject.

“What about it?” questioned Jaller. He turned around, handing it to Takua. “Are ready to take it? FINALLY?"

Takua looked at his feet. “I can’t… I can’t come with you.” He sighed.

Jaller crept up. “WHAT?" he asked, surprised, as Pewku crawled forward, whimpering. "WHYYYYYYY?!”

“I-I can’t explain…” Takua answered.

“Well, that’s just great…” sneered Jaller. “First you stick me with your duty, and then you DITCH ME?”

“My duty is to myself,” Takua mumbled.

The room was silent for a second.

“I QUIT!!!” raged Takua. “JUST TAKE THE MASK AND GO!!!”

As Takua walked away, Jaller looked around sadly, then braved up.

“Fine, but I WON’T give up,” insisted Jaller. “I’m gonna find the seventh Toa, whether you’re the true herald or not!”

Takua hopped on Pewku’s back, and the two parted ways.

I stared, wowed at the scene. Then I went one way. Which way did I go, you ask? Which way did you think I went?

I followed Takua. I was a hard choice, but that was the way I went.

Chapter 11: The Beginning of the End

It was a gloomy trip to the next village.

Pohatu clanked fists with another Toa. He shook his hand.

“Ow! Onua, my friend, it seems bashing granite has treated you well!” exclaimed the Toa of Stone. He looked at his brother teasingly.

“Oh, Pohatu!” chuckled the black Toa. “Look around you. Mining has never been better! Hah, hah, hah! Ooh, you should join me at it sometime. Try doing a reaaaal job! Say, how goes the carving?”

“Their work is magnificent,” replied Pohatu arrogantly. “But not nearly as good as the other tidings I bring."

He and Onua somersaulted onto a short mesa. Matoran gathered around there. “Matoran of Onu-Koro!” announced Pohatu. “The Mask of Light has been found!”

The crowd cheered.

“Jaller, the Captain of the Guard of Ta-Koro, and Takua the Chronicler even now seek the seventh Toa!”

The crowd cheered again.

We entered the room. “Chronicler, where is the herald?” pondered Pohatu.

“We got, um, separated… After we met the Rahkshi…” explained Takua.

The two stared at each other.

“Rahkshi?” Onua asked his friend.

Pohatu shrugged and asked, “What is… Rahkshi?”

There was a rumble, and a wall collapsed. Out of the dust of flying debris, appeared... More Rahkshi!

“THOSE!!!” shivered Takua in fear. “Except…” He waved his hands in front of him. “Different ones!”

“Just those are plenty for now!” decided Pohatu.

“WELCOME TO ONU-KORO!!!!!!!” Onua summoned his powers, and ten huge boulders fell on the Rahkshi. But, they didn’t stay held for long, for they broke out.

I signaled for Takua to run.

“Come on, Pewku!” Takua ordered. “Let’s get out of here!”

We continued as Matoran ran with us.

Onua faced a black Rahkshi. The squealing creature drained out the Toa’s energy through the staff as Onua tried to push it up.

“My-my strength…” whimpered the Toa. “M-my power…” Onua went limp and fainted.

Pohatu gasped. “Onua!!!” he ran toward his brother.

The red Rahkshi shot a beam. Pohatu froze in fear. He, too, fainted…

Takua looked at his surroundings, and then looked me in the eyes. “Cassandra…” He looked down and shook his head. “What have I done?”

Takua suddenly had a burst of courage. He went back and grabbed a Kolhii stick. I noticed a spark of light reach from his hand to the stick as he reached for it. Could it be…?

Takua urged Pewku to charge at Kurahk, and the giant crab reluctantly obeyed. “Yah, Pewku!” urged Takua. “Yah! Yah, Pewku!”

But Takua had misjudged the large creature. Kurahk grabbed the stick, and shrieked, breathing its kraata’s nasty breath in Takua’s face.

Makuta will be proud… thought the Rahkshi. I might rise above all other Rahkshi!

But I spoiled his evil plans of glory. I charged and kicked him back and took the Kolhii stick, and handed it to Takua.

“You want more, GARBAGE BREATH?” I taunted. “Bring it ooooon!”

The creature seemed angry, but although I could tell it wanted to shoot me with its beam, it seemed to have a better plan. The creature, therefore, fled.

“That’s what I thought!” I shouted back, smiling. “And don’t you dare come back!”

Takua stared at me. I rolled my eyes. “Don’t just stand there! Let’s go!”

But this Rahkshi paid me back. As Tahu charged at Turahk, the Rahkshi of Fear, Kurahk shot a beam at Tahu. Tahu roared with pain. He smoked, and then passed out.

“No! Tahu!” Takua rushed to his Toa’s side.

“God, please help us!” I prayed. “I know you probably didn’t make these people, But I know they need your help. Thank you for letting me come here. Please help me. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.”

Takua looked at me, confused.

“There are other 'Great Spirits,' Takua.” I explained. “Perhaps someday I can tell you…”

All the Rahkshi started creeping closer...

“Back!” Takua was desperate not to seem like an innocent, worthless Matoran.

“He sure is brave for someone no bigger than a 7-year-old...” I thought.

Suddenly, a blur of green grabbed us and flew us into the air. “Wind-fly!!!” it called. The Rahkshi glided up in the air in pursuit.

Down below, Gali touched Tahu’s mask. “Brother!!!” she mourned.

“FIRE HAS NO BROTHERS!” Tahu got up and as he released a beam of flaming fire, he howled, “FIRE CONSUMES ALLLLL!!!”

But Gali managed to dodge it and hide from Tahu for a bit.

Back where we were, Lewa set us down. I told Pewku to climb the wall that led to the surface.

Lewa put his hands on Takua’s shoulders, kneeling down. “Quick-speed to Jaller! Warn him!” Lewa flew off into the distance.

“I will,” Takua promised himself.

Then he saw Pewku heading up the wall.

“Hey, Pewku, where are you going?” He hopped on her back, and I grabbed a rope from my backpack and swung a loop to the top.

“Come on, girl. Keep going,” he urged his pet softly. I heard pattering noises and hissing on the other side of the wall.

“Careful, Takua!” I warned. “I think the Rahkshi are on the other side!”

Sure enough, Turahk punched into the wall, but barely missed Takua.

“Takua! They can hear Pewku! Jump here and I’ll be able to trick them!” I ordered.

Takua jumped on my back, and we were able to trick them. But I didn’t even hear the Rahkshi following us.

She leaped down from the rock formation coming from the ceiling and released a stream of water at Tahu.

“Tahu, remember who you are!” she pleaded. “Remember your destiny!”

“I HAVE NO DESTINY!!!” he howled back.

Suddenly, a sword tapped him and he froze solid. Kopaka stepped over by Gali. “Sorry, brother.”

Lewa then flew down to join them.

“Brothers, let us take him to safety!” Gali ordered.

Anyway, on the other side of the wall, Turahk continued to climb. But suddenly, two claw-like weapons bond him to the rock!

As Turahk struggled to get loose, Vorahk and Kurahk jumped down toward Onua and Pohatu, who were nearly killed, but as they were on top of a cliff, it was apparent that they had regained strength. It had been Pohatu who had thrown the claws.

“Hah hah! Your turn!” chuckled Pohatu to his blackish brother beside him.

“It would be a pleasure!” Onua said as he raised his arms, and the ceiling above the Rahkshi collapsed, burying them.

When Pohatu got back from retrieving his claws, he clanked fists, congratulating his brother. “Well done! But how did you keep the ceiling... from collapsing... ON US TOO?"

The two Toa ran, their hands over their heads. But we managed to make it out of the collapsing cavern.

Gali looked over her shoulder when the city collapsed.

“Pohatu! Onua!” she ran over.

But Kopaka stopped her. “We cannot save them. Gali, come on.”

Gali couldn’t look back. Two Toa gone, and one dying. What would happen now?

Chapter 12: Have we Lost the Mighty Battle?

Tahu struggled, pinned to a rock.

Gali was worried. “The poison is destroying him! We must counteract it! His life depends on it!”

Kopaka looked at her. “Do you know the cure?”

Gali sighed. Maybe if she combined Tahu’s power with the element that was weak against him, with one very gentle, soothing form of the power that he was weak against, it would heal him. “Perhaps… But we must act! Let us summon all the healing powers we possess.”

She turned to the green Toa beside her. “Lewa, ready his sword.”

Tahu’s sword was not shining brightly. “He is only a dim-fire, sister!”

She turned to her other brother. “Kopaka.” Kopaka got out his own sword.

They laid their swords on their brother. Tahu groaned in pain.

After a while, Gali was almost at her limit. “That’s enough!”

Tahu sighed, but seemed to moan at the same time.

It had only been enough to heal his body…

“Brother!” Lewa was concerned for his fiery brother.

Gali summoned all of her power and laid a sphere of water on Tahu. It covered his whole body, then his body absorbed it. It seemed to put Tahu to sleep.

Gali sighed in fatigue and turned pale blue, falling backwards, but Kopaka caught her. “You did all you could,” he told her.

Gali laid by the river nearby, regaining strength.

“Kopaka?” she asked. The slightly taller white Toa looked at her.

“Do you think the Turaga were right about us?” she asked sadly. “Have we lost our unity?”

No answer.

“Kopaka?” she called.

She turned around. Not there. “Kopaka!!!” she called again.

Her voice echoed through the area. Kopaka had left.

Chapter 13: The Dawn Brings Sun to the Darkness

Meanwhile, back where we were climbing...

Takua and I looked up. “Takua, you’ll need to climb the rest of the way. It will be too big a risk to carry you.”

Takua had difficulty climbing, but made it. As he got up, he collapsed in the snow. Pewku ran to him and whined as I pulled myself up.

“What’s wrong? You okay?” I asked.

“Yeah,” he replied.

“Sorry I took so long. I stayed below in case you fell,” I explained.

He nodded in thanks. “Come on. We gotta find Jaller.” We hopped on Pewku and she padded through the snow.

Jaller climbed a cliff and lifted himself to the top. Then he saw there were two more slippery cliffs to climb...

“Ugh…” he moaned in pain. He looked up at the sky. “Mata Nui, where does my destiny lie?”

Suddenly an earthquake broke out. “Whoa.. Whooooa!” He fell down and groaned. The mask escaped his grasp, but Jaller grabbed it in midair. He sighed with relief. He had nearly fallen down to his death!

But, he managed to hold on. “Well, I guess I asked...” he admitted.

Suddenly he heard something moving toward him. “Oh, what now?” he moaned. Jaller whimpered and shivered in fear. Slowly, a Kolhii stick reached down…

“Grab on!” Takua pulled Jaller up and gently lifted his friend down.

Jaller gave his friend a sly look. “Well, well, well, what happened to ‘I quit?'”

“I could’ve, but I didn’t.” Takua shrugged. Then he got a serious look. “Bad news. More Rahkshi. They’ve taken Onu-Koro.”

Jaller looked confused. “But the Mask of Light was never at Onu-Koro.”

Takua shook his head. “They don’t want the mask. They’re looking for the Herald.”

Jaller wasn’t convinced. Neither was I.

“Oh, yeah!” insisted Takua. “Real sure!”

“Then we better find the Seventh Toa,” decided Jaller.

But I was sure that the Rahkshi were looking for the same thing we were.

The Toa of Light.

After a while of levitating, Gali turned around to see Lewa come through the bushes.

“Sister! He is open-eyed!” he told the calmed Toa.

Gali walked up to where Tahu sat, rubbing his wrists.

“Brother, are you well?” she asked eagerly.

“No…” he replied. “No, I am not well.”

He groaned in pain. Gali frowned.

“But, I am alive, and in your debt, my sister…”

They clanked fists.

While the Toa were at peace, they knew the worst was yet to come, especially reduced to half...

Soon, our search party was at a large stone building, which looked like a head.

I was thinking to myself how weird it looked, while Jaller looked at it in awe, Takua in disbelief.

“Kini Nui, the Great Temple!” exclaimed Jaller.

“No way…” Takua shook his head. “We went all this way just to wind up here?”

“Why not? It’s a special place,” Jaller pointed out.

Takua took the mask. “Are you sure this thing is working right?” He shook it and a beam shot out toward the temple, knocking off a piece.

I giggled.

“Whoa!” exclaimed Takua. “Oops…”

“What the – What did you do?” Jaller asked his confused friend.

Pewku whined a gasp, and curled into a flat plate, clinking on the ground.

They looked at a nearby mountain, for it beamed with light.

“This is it. The seventh Toa must be here!” insisted Jaller.

Takua looked back at me. But... I was gone...

Meanwhile, I had sensed the Rahkshi’s presence, so I ran. And this time I was sure that there were six, not three...

Soonm I saw where Gali, Tahu, and Lewa were sitting. When they saw me gasping for breath, they looked surprised.

“Takua and Jaller need your help!” I panted.

Tahu stood up. “Why aren’t you with them, then?”

Gali put her hand on his shoulder. “Tahu, calm down. Speak, young one.”

I took a deep breath. “They are at Kini Nui. Not far from here,” I replied. “I sensed that Rahkshi were nearby, so I ran for help! I cannot take on six at once…”

“Cassandra, are you saying that we should go now?” Lewa asked me.

I rolled my eyes. “Do Gukko fly?” I asked back sarcastically and teasingly.

“YES!” beamed Lewa. “So do I!”

“Great!” I smiled. “Meet you there!”

Chapter 14: Deadly Awakening

Deep in the fallen village of Onu-Koro, Vorahk awakened from his fainted state.

“Get up, you two!” he hissed in his Kraata language. “You must get out so we can find the others, and make a trap for the ones we seek!”

They got out of the rock fall and traveled to where their brothers and sister had been frozen. They breathed their warm breath on their siblings, and the sunlight that shone was all the more helpful. Lerahk got up, followed by his sister, Guurahk, and brother, Panrahk.

“Yes, my brothers and sister, we have a mighty plan. We will make a trap for these troublesome Matoran,” declared Vorahk, the leader of the latter three.

“I agree, my brother... We shall meet you there,” Lerahk, the leader of the first three, responded.

The Matoran had no way of knowing the Rahkshi’s plans. But one thing stood against them. The three virtues were on our side.

Chapter 15: United We Stand

Meanwhile, as soon as Takua looked back on the mountain, three familiar figures appeared.

“Rahkshi!” Jaller said. Jaller started to run, but Takua stopped him.

“Jaller, wait,” he called. “We both know the mask chose me. I’m the true herald.”

Jaller stared at him. “Are you sure? Even now?”

“Yes! I am the herald!” Takua insisted. “And I say, RUN!!!”

As they ran, Vorahk smiled. The laser of light had attracted their attention. Now it wouldn’t be long...

As they ran toward a story circle where the Turaga "illustrated" the legends, Takua said to himself, but loud enough for his friend to hear, “Gee, I wish Cassandra were here...”

“Well, she isn’t!” Jaller pointed out. “She ditched us!”

“Oh, did I?” I hopped into their view and ran with them.

“Oh, just in time!” Takua commented, looking at me.

“Yeah… where did you go?!” Jaller asked.

“Run now, talk later!” I told them.

We got up onto the story circle. But, on the raised path leading to the Temple came the other three Rahkshi…

“We’re trapped!” realized Takua.

“But not helpless!” Jaller told his friend.

Suddenly, on the mountains, blasts of light made all of us shield our eyes, even the Rahkshi. Then I realized it was fire…

And Tahu, Gali and Lewa jumped down!

“Toa! Great! You can get us outta here!” exclaimed Takua with relief.

The Toa formed a circle around us, filling in the empty spots by crossing their weapons.

“We are done running!” said Tahu.

“Whoa!” shouted Jaller, who nearly fell over.

“What’s that?” wondered Takua.

Suddenly, three hands appeared out of the sand. The other three Toa jumped between the others.

“Brothers, we thought we lost you!” Gali exclaimed.

Onua looked at her. “And you might’ve,” he told her, “if it weren’t for our icy friend!”

“Hmm?” Kopaka narrowed his eye at his brother as he turned his head, confused.

“Now!” Tahu ordered. “As one!”

All the Toa touched weapons. The Rahkshi shot blasts in unison. But it was like a dome-shaped shield was over them all.

“Hmm… unity is a strong weapon,” I observed.

As the shield dissolved away, Tahu said, “We will not be broken!”

Lewa stepped out of the circle toward the three weaker Rahkshi. I went up behind the Rahkshi and knocked them out with a giant stick.

“Nice, Sister Cassandra!” commented Lewa. “Now, move!”

“Wind-fly! Sand-twister!” Lewa released a huge swirling tornado, whipping up the sand and dirt. It caught the Rahkshi, and they squealed in dismay

Gali faced the other Rahkshi. Turahk released a fear beam, but Gali jumped in the air, dodging the blast. As Kurahk lunged his staff at her, she leaped back. The Rahkshi’s error resulted in hitting Turahk. Turahk struggled to get up, but he passed out, appearing dead.

Tahu walked up to where Lewa controlled his tornado.

“Sand!” yelled Lewa.

“And fire!” Tahu yelled back as he released a huge fire blast, adding its element to the twister. It hardened.

“Hah hah! Make glass!” chuckled Lewa.

“Glass…” I said, tipping it over as it hardened, lightly touching it, and it shattered. “It is solid, yet light, and highly fragile.”

I looked at the fragments. Even the Rahkshi had shattered.

There were only two Rahkshi left. All of us would need to work together for these tough puppies.

Gali faced the two. “Back off!” she warned.

“Surprise.” They turned to Kopaka, who had snuck behind them.

“Rahkshi!” Pohatu called. They merely looked, and Pohatu threw his claws around their wrists, like handcuffs.

“Well, well, well. What have we here?” I taunted. They then turned to me and I whacked them on the head, and they fell down.

Onua raised some boulders. “Leave the heavy lifting to me!”

Tahu somersaulted in the air to the rocks, using his powers to blaze them in midair. “Lava!” he yelled.

Gali filled the area with her element. “Water!”

Kopaka tapped the pool of elements and held it for a second, then lifted the sword as it got done freezing. “And ice.”

Then I heard Pewku whine. We looked, and she pointed with her claw to where Turahk had gotten up and was chasing Jaller and Takua.

Chapter 16: A Heavy Heart

He shot a beam at Takua. The Matoran’s mask glowed red, as if covered in a glowing gel, and Takua dead stopped in fear.

“TAKUA...” Makuta’s voice whispered in his head. “FEAR ME…..”

Suddenly, Jaller looked over his shoulder at his friend and understood. He launched himself on Turahk’s staff and hung onto the pole. He groaned in pain. The Rahkshi knocked Jaller off his staff.

I jumped on the back of the Rahkshi, strangling him. “No more shall be done here!”

Then I noticed a voice beyond the kraata’s shrieking. "I have another task beyond. Makuta has allies. Go ahead, kill me. But know this: I am counting on you to save the place from which I came."

“Well said, Turahk. You are helping me with my destiny, and my duty, so I promise to repay you in return. But, please, just stay here.” I replied softly.

“I will try,” he insisted. “The Makuta’s power is strong, but I still have some agency. For The Makuta does not give us our powers. A being called Cystie did.”

“NO!” Takua yelled softly, shaking off his fears. When Takua saw his friend’s actions, he ran to Jaller’s side.

“I was supposed to make the sacrifice!” Jaller was dying right before Takua’s eyes, but even so, as Takua insisted this, Jaller forced a quick smile.

“No… The duty was mine…” Jaller corrected. “You know who you are… You were always different.” He panted the last few words, then handed Takua the mask. After he did, Jaller went limp, and his eyes dark.

Takua stared into Jaller’s dead eyes, dull red. His friend, who had been faithful through to the end, even in hard times… Was gone…

Takua looked down at his feet. Just too much for him to bear…

After a bit, I whispered to him, “Takua, put it on.”

He looked at me. “Come on…” he whispered back in response. “You know me…”

“I’ve known you long enough, been on this island long enough, to know to expect the unexpected…” I replied.

But Takua just stared at the ground and shook his head.

“Takua, Jaller was right. Trust me. Before I came here, I had many visions. And plus, I’ve seen them come to life right before my eyes!” I explained. “And, look at the evidence. The mask glows brighter when you have it. And in Onu-Koro, when you grabbed that Kolhii stick, a spark reached and shocked it. Even when you shook the mask, a beam of light shot out. Sorry to be harsh, but a journey like this has boggled my mind. So, isn’t all the evidence enough?”

Takua looked at the Toa, who were staring, then at Pewku, his faithful Ussal Crab, then back at me. I nodded. It was the right thing to do.

In Takua’s mind, Jaller’s voice beamed in his mind. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE…

Takua started to put on the mask, but hesitated. What would happen if he wasn’t the right one?

He took a deep breath and braved, putting the mask on his face. Immediately, it glowed with the power of a million suns, and light beamed down his body, making him tall as the other Toa, and changing his form. When he was done transforming, he held back his light. At that moment, he seemed to be filled with more knowledge then he had before.

“I am Takanuva, Toa of Light!” he announced.

I hopped off the Rahkshi. Takanuva shot it with a beam of light, and Turahk collapsed. Takanuva then shot the temple, molding it into his old face, perhaps to amuse me. He let back more of his light so I could actually look at him, but he still gleamed a little.

Takanuva remembered his dead friend, and as the Toa formed two single-file lines, Takanuva picked up Jaller and carried him in-between the lines, as the Toa bowed their heads in sadness. I followed close behind.

Deep in the tunnels, Makuta had been watching.

“So, it has begun, my brother…” he whispered eerily. “But soon, it shall also… EEEND!”

Chapter 17: My Own Lone Journey

I had been chosen to gather from nearby two islanders. Turaga Vakama, so he could perhaps help Takanuva. And Halhi, Jaller’s girlfriend.

Where might Vakama be? His village had fallen, so he should have been with his villagers. I asked where they would go when we found out, but had been told, “Usually in these cases they hide in Onu-Koro.” But Onu-Koro had been defeated as well...

Vakama would have to wait till last… but… wait… wouldn’t Halhi been there as well? No… she probably went to her own village.

So, Ga-Koro it was. That’s where I would go first.

According to what the Toa had told me, all I had to do was look for a stream, and follow it into a bay…

As I remembered this, I heard someone running up to me.

I looked over my shoulder. It was Gali. I turned around. “What is it, Gali?”

She stopped and took in a deep breath. “I must warn you that it is difficult to get to my village. The current is strong, and whirlpools dot the bay.”

I nodded my head in thanks. “Thank you for the warning.”

She continued to stand there. “You don’t sound worried.”

I grinned slightly. “Oh, trust me, I’m worried. I am trying my best to hold it in. But, I would feel better if you came with me.”

She looked surprised. “Me, come with you?”

I rolled my eyes. “Who better to lead me to your village then yourself? And sometimes I can be a bit shy, but I don’t like being alone that much.”

She led me to small pond, and a stream emptying it. I looked at it. It wasn’t much different than the streams back home. We soon came to a bay, and the Puget Sound came to my mind. We waded in, and I was surprisingly okay with swimming in my clothes.

Gali had spotted something. “Look out!”

A creature in the water lunged its arm at me, and I ducked just in time. The lizard-like creature swam away.

“What’s that?” I asked,

Tarakava,” Gali replied.

Later, I barely escaped a whirlpool. But we eventually got to a large floating mass of seaweed. Gali looked at me as I got out of the water, smiling.

“What? Do I look funny?” I asked her.

“No, you swim pretty good,” she replied.

I shrugged. “Just takes practice.”

Nokama walked up to us. “Ah, Gali, you have returned,” she said, bowing. “What brings you here?”

“We seek Halhi,” Gali told her Turaga.

Nokama nodded. “Yes, she is still practicing for when Jaller returns.”

That day will never come... I realized.

I looked on. This place was so peaceful; that was the best way to describe the feeling.

We walked to the Kolhii field, which was also made of seaweed. When Halhi saw Gali, she ran over.

“So, Gali, what brings you here?” Halhi asked.

Gali frowned and turned to me. Obviously, this was something hard to tell a Matoran, that their love has died, and I was supposed to do it.

I sighed, took a deep breath, looked down, and closed my eyes. “Halhi, Jallr is dead…”

Her eyes went wide and sad as I looked up. “No!” she cried. “It can’t be!”

“It did happen… Would you care to lead this kind Matoran to the other Toa, Gali?” I asked.

“Yeah, but who shall you go with?” Gali pointed out.

I sighed. “Well, Lewa could sure brighten my spirits right now.”

Gali chuckled. “Yeah, he tends to do that.”

I sighed. “Is he nearby?”

Gali shook her head. “No. He wanted to fly to help find the Ta-Matoran, but we made him stay. Why don’t you travel with us?”

I nodded. “That would help a bit.”

When we got back, I wasn’t in my best mood, but managed to keep calm. I was a little behind, so by the time I got there, Lewa had already heard that I wanted his company.

He saw I had my head down when I got there, so he ran up to me. “You okay?” he asked me.

I looked up and nodded. “Yeah, just lost in thought,” I replied.

He smiled. “Then let us hurry-quick to find the Ta-Matoran!”

As we made our way through the mountains and cliffs, Lewa was surprised how agile I was. After a long time, we made it to the deserts of Po-Wahi.

“Why have we come to these sunny-sands?” Lewa asked me.

I turned to him. “Now, Ta-Matoran like heat. So, the other hot place on Mata Nui is Po-Koro. I’m guessing that they’d hide there.”

Lewa stared at me in amazement. “Just let me tell you, perhaps we should fly to get there quicker. Po-Wahi is fierce.”

So we made our way easier and quickly flew there.

As Lewa landed in the middle of Po-Koro, we spotted Turaga Vakama not far off. “Turaga Vakama!” I called. “We have been looking far and wide for you!”

He turned and saw Lewa and I.

So we started the long trip home. It wouldn’t be easy, but Lewa made it easier for all of us by flying.

Chapter 18: Truth Comes To Light

When we got there, the others had finished Jaller’s Suva, and Takanuva was staring at his mask.

“All this? Just to discover who I am?” questioned the bright Toa.

Vakama limped up. Of course, he recognized who Takanuva was immediately. “So, you finally found your own story,” the Turaga told him, “and still you seek answers?”

Takanuva frowned.

“Mata Nui is wiser than all…” Vakama went on. “The path you walked was not to be here, but in HERE!” He tapped the confused Toa’s chest with his staff, with its orange glowing sphere at the top.”

This made Takanuva even more depressed.

“You understand, your destiny is clear!” Vakama told him.

Takanuva turned around to the Suva again. “My duty is clear. Jaller’s sacrifice will not be in vain!”

Chapter 19: Is This Goodbye?

Takanuva gathered a bunch of things, forming what looked like a vehicle. The final addition: the kraata of Turahk, the Rahkshi of Fear. Takanuva said it would lead him to Makuta, but it didn’t make sense…

“How with this will we find the Makuta?” Lewa asked him.

Takanuva placed the kraata in the machine and closed the lid. “What is the Makuta’s shall return to him!” Takanuva explained.

Halhi walked up, Jaller’s mask in her hands. She placed it on the machine. As she spoke, she sounded as if she could cry any second. “Jaller was your Herald….. Let him continue to lead you to victory.”

She backed up, looking at the seventh Toa.

Takanuva dipped his head in understanding. “Well said, Halhi.”

I could tell Takanuva had been reminded of his dead friend, and was not far from crying himself.

Pohatu scanned the machine. I wasn’t very big. “Not much room in this transport…” he realized. “Where shall we all sit, brother?”

Takanuva shook his head. “You won’t. You shall not join me.”

All the Toa looked confused. Even I was confused. We had been through so much together. Was this the end?

The others seemed to see Takanuva as another person, so much different than Takua. Their disrespect was gone…

But while Takanuva looked different on the outside, I still saw him as Takua. The loyal, friendly character I had met in Ta-Wahi. Surely deep inside him, there must rest that same spirit?

I had always planned that if I spent the last moments of my friends’ lives, it would be together.

Takanuva looked into my eyes, and seemed to understand.

Chapter 20: Friends 'Til The End

“But united, our power defeated the Rahkshi!” continued Pohatu.

I snapped back into reality. Yes… I thought. I must think of our duty first.

“Certainly it will take no less to defeat the Makuta!” agreed Tahu.

I smiled. It seemed this long journey had changed him.

“I have but one destiny.” Takanuva explained. “Yours lie with the Matoran and the Turaga. Gather them and wait for my return.”

I looked down. This was it.

He started to walk away, but stopped. He turned around. Would we spend our last hour — our darkest hour — together?

“However, I can by no means do it alone. Cassandra, would you accompany me on the journey?” He looked at me with the same eyes I had seen on our trip.

“Yes. Yes, I will!” I said with a gleam in my eye.

Lewa walked up to me. He was my first friend. He had stopped my fall. A true friend. Just like Takanuva.


Would I live to see him again?

“Trust me, sister, Makuta is no laughing matter,” he warned. He was not himself. His eyes were clouded with worry.

I grinned slightly. “Lewa, I’ve learned by now that I need to expect the worst, expect the unexpected, here on Mata Nui. And I have seen Makuta’s eyes, and even then I realized that the Makuta is no laughing matter.”

Lewa looked relieved. “Just thought I should tell you…”

Vakama pointed to the starry sky. “Look!”

Everyone gasped. Another Toa Star had appeared…

Chapter 21: Destiny Discovered, Yet an Uncertain Future

“As soon as Mata Nui has accepted a Toa, his gift is a star that follows them everywhere they go, and lives their life as they do,” Vakama explained.

Gali shook her head, which hung low. “But, who is this Toa? And why now?”

Then she realized… the star had been hidden when the seventh had appeared.

“That’s it!” she told everyone. “The Toa had been here the whole time, but had not actually realized anything till now!”

I looked into the corners of my eyes and thought hard. Vakama looked at me as I did this. Our eyes locked, and though my eyes were confused, his concentrated on me.

“I recall seeing your face on a wall, telling of a Toa to come… Little else is known…” Vakama prophesied.

I shook my head in confusion. This was too weird…

Father in heaven… I prayed. Is it possible?

Takanuva walked up to me. “You helped me find my destiny,” noted Takanuva. “Now, I help you find yours. Come with me into the tunnels.”

“I’m just a kid,” I whispered. “I have a family. Takanuva, I’m not sure I can do this…”

“Tell us after you are done.” Takanuva insisted.

So we descended into the tunnels. But I couldn’t help thinking…

Would I live to see my family again?

Chapter 22: A Light Among the Shadows

I held on for dear life as the kraata guided us to Makuta. After awhile, we came to a door. But, even as we got closer, it didn’t open!

Takanuva grabbed my hand and we jumped off.

The back of the machine started twitching. The flap opened. Halhi had stowed away!

“Halhi!” Takanuva was surprised to see her.

Halhi grabbed Jaller’s mask and hopped out. “It’s about time someone was your Chronicler!” she insisted.

Takanuva used a blast of light to open the door. As he walked toward the shadows, Halhi started to follow. But Takanuva held up a hand, motioning us to stay back.

He came toward a pool of silver liquid, and the pools were shaped in the symbols on their flag. Takanuva threw the squealing kraata on the floor, and it skittered across the ground.

Takanuva narrowed his eyes. “You can no longer hide in shadow.”

“I am shadow… the shadow that guards the gate…” A voice boomed across the cavern, and Takanuva looked to see its source. A dark figure, thirty feet tall, appeared from the shadows.

“Now, run along… or accept your doom…” warned Makuta.

“I am DONE running!” Takanuva insisted. “Mata Nui will be awakened this day!”

He turned to the new chronicler. “Halhi, summon the Matoran!”

Halhi smiled and nodded. “It’s done!” She ran off.

Chapter 23: Makuta's Doubts

Makuta saw her absence as an opportunity, and stepped forward, forcing Takanuva back.

“Toa of Light, now so bold… But at heart, you are still just Takua,” taunted Makuta. Makuta stopped. “You failed to save your friend. You didn’t even warn him.”

Takanuva looked down.

No… I thought. Don’t give in…

Makuta smiled and continued forward. “Perhaps for your next great failure, a simple game of Kolhii.”

Takanuva’s spirits lifted slightly. Indeed, perhaps Makuta had done him a favor.

But, come on… Makuta doing the Toa of Light a favor?

No… Something told me there was an evil twist to this offer. Perhaps he even had something more aggressive in mind.

“Takanuva!” I whispered. When he looked at me, I gave him a worried look. He understood.

“When you win… you may try to open the gate.” Makuta went on.

I stared at Makuta, trying to read him. The dark figure caught my gaze, and stared at me with hatred and fear. I was starting to think it was a bad idea to gamble with Makuta. And I knew for sure when he continued:

“And when you lose… I’LL HAVE THAT MASK!!!”

Takanuva pulled out his staff. “I WILL NOT LOSE!”

A ball of energy appeared. Takanuva and Makuta leaped for it. “Hey!” urged Takanuva. He leaped to a support beam with the ball, converted into a ball of light. “Come on!”

Makuta stared at me for a second. “Wait, Takanuva. I have one condition. Your friend leaves!”

“What, Makuta?” I taunted. “Scared?”

He glared at me again. What did he see in me?

Takanuva sighed. “Cassandra, perhaps it is best that I do this alone.”

Suddenly, I had a vision. Takanuva would die when his job was done…

“Takanuva…” I pleaded. “Don’t…”

“Cassandra, just GO.” He looked away and held up his hand.

Chapter 24: The Gathering

Halhi finally reached the surface. All of Mata Nui was gathered there.

“I bring word from Takanuva!” she announced. “He wants us to follow. We are to awaken Mata Nui today.”

The crowd murmured in excitement.

Vakama started to speak, and all was silent. “A light among the shadows… The prophecy has been fulfilled! We must go!” Vakama proclaimed.

Turaga Onewa walked up to Vakama. “If we descend into those tunnels, we may never return!”

The crowd buzzed with worry.

"Friends!” Halhi called out.

Vakama helped out. “Silence!”

Halhi took in a deep breath. “This island is a great and wondrous place. Never have any been as blessed as we are to live in such a paradise!”

The Turaga looked at each other. “True…” Nokama agreed.

Halhi padded her fist into Jaller’s mask. “I love my home. And Jaller did too. But above all, Jaller respected his duty! Let us repay him by doing our duty Let us go forth together!!” she sighed in happiness. “Let us awaken THE GREAT SPIRIT!!!”

She held up her love’s mask, and it glowed in the sun. The crowd cheered.

Chapter 25: A New Fight

It didn’t make sense…

The vision…

Why Makuta insisted I leave…


So I knelt down to pray. “Dear God in heaven, please help Takanuva with his task. Please help me to understand. In Jesus’ name, amen.”

I heard a small voice. It said, “I cannot help him; for his origin of making is not my own, and the destiny he bears is sacred to his maker. He must do it on his own.”

I prayed again:

“Dear Father in heaven, I understand that. But, I beg you, please at least bless him. For I fear he is facing an evil worse that even the Devil. And, please, tell my family not to worry. Also, there are so many things I don’t understand… in the savior’s name, amen.”

The spirit answered yet again:

“In the state of Takanuva, yes, I will bless him. And yes, Makuta is a greater force than my rebelling son. We must be sure that they never meet. And your family thinks a babysitter is watching you, but I have softened her heart, and she thinks that you are fine. And those things you do not understand, I can only say this… the knowing will come.”

I prayed yet again:

“Dear Father in heaven, thank you. I see you have helped me greatly. Perhaps I will say hi if I get to go to church again. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.”

I felt God’s presence leave the cave. I guess since this was a separate world, he was not always there.

Chapter 26: The Final Battle

Takanuva threw the ball. But, alas, Makuta caught it.

Makuta hurled it at Takanuva. But Takanuva leaped out of the way, and the beam fell down instead.

Makuta hurled the next ball. Again, Takanuva dodged.

“Still running, Toa?” Makuta taunted. He laughed evilly.

Now Makuta was getting annoyed.

He threw a shadow ball. “MY BROTHER…”

Takanuva dodged it, leaped onto another beam.

Makuta grabbed the next, and hurled his ball at the Seventh Toa. “SHALL NOT…”

Takanuva did the same thing.

“BE AWAKENED!” Makuta threw it with all his force this time. But it was also dodged.

Okay… thought Takanuva. Soon this place will be collapsed… But was that the right thing to do?

No… he thought. I shall try something else…

I sighed and waited at the entrance. I suddenly saw a bunch of eyes staring at me.

Oh, boy… I thought. NOW I’m losing it…

Suddenly, one bunch of eyes ran to me. It was Lewa! Halhi had returned with the islanders.

“Why are you not aiding Takanuva?” Lewa asked me.

I scoffed. “Makuta was afraid of me. He kicked me out! But this is something Takanuva has to do on his own, anyway.”

Everyone piled in.

Takanuva heard a sound. He looked around.

Makuta did the same. The dark figure smiled at the islanders, then turned to Takanuva.

“An audience gathers for your final failure, Toa of Light!” Makuta smirked, grinning.

“Maybe they will not see me win today;” proclaimed the shining Toa, “but the Matoran will go on. And someday, they will triumph!”

Makuta shook his head, laughing. “You actually believe I would let them return?” Makuta hurled his dark ball at the door, and as it crumbled, everyone screamed and ran.

“They will not leave,” Makuta insisted.

“NOOOOO!” Takanuva leaped from his perch on the beam, hauling himself at Makuta.

The dark spirit released another ball. While somersaulting in the air, Takanuva caught the shadow ball, and it was transferred into a ball of light. While somersaulting again, he hurled it at the speed of light. Makuta gasped in disbelief, and groaned as the burst pushed him back into the wall.

Chapter 27: Awkward Transformation

I ran up to my friend, who was shocked at his own power. “Well done,” I commented.

He shook his head. “It’s not over yet. Come on, but be cautious.”

We made it to his body. Was the horrible, dark Makuta dead? His black, dark gray and deep red body lay there… Motionless…

But suddenly, his leg twitched. I stepped back. “Well played, Toa,” Makuta hissed. “Now, I shall protect Mata Nui… FROM YOU!!!”

This confused us all. “Protect him?” Takanuva asked the towering menace.

“Sleep spares him pain. Awake, he suffers!” Makuta stepped forward, threatening the surprised Toa.

“YOU? I’m not protecting him!” Takanuva protested.

“My duty is to the Mask of Shadows!”

I was surprised. Makuta had a duty?

Takanuva put away his Kolhii stick. “Then let’s take a closer look… BEHIND that mask!!!”

The beaming Toa leaped onto the shadowy figure, pulling off his mask.

“NOOOO!” Makuta howled, trying to pull Takanuva off.

Takanuva looked behind the mask. It was pinned to his head… nothing beneath… the dark purple electricity held it on.

Takanuva had led himself to doom.

But then he remembered the pools of protodermis…

Protodermis had changed the Toa…

If he could combine himself with Makuta, he could know the truth.

He jerked backwards. The two plummeted backwards into the pool of silver liquid. I gasped, and we all ran to the pool. Suddenly, it started bubbling, and a beam of light appeared in the center.

Gali gasped.

“Mata Nui!” exclaimed Vakama.

We all ran as the beam expanded throughout the whole pool. Then it ceased, forming a cloud of mist. Then, out of the silver liquid, out of the mist…


A strange figure.

Vakama gasped as the figure got out and boomed its feet towards us. “Light and shadow… have become… ONE!!!”

My best enemy, and my worst friend — combined… Who would have known?

It pointed to the giant mask on the wall, the mouth a door. “Light has revealed the will of Mata Nui!” it said in a monotone voice. “My brother must be awakened!”

Chapter 28: Friendship's End

He pushed up the door, groaning. “GO!!! RUNNN!”

I looked in "Takutanuva's" eyes. On one side, I saw Makuta’s hatred-filled eyes. What in Mata Nui’s name did he see in me? On the other, I saw Takua’s sweet, friendly eyes, looking at me, asking for help.

I got under. I was small, yet on this island, I was powerful…

Halhi was the last to pass. “Hold, little one!” Takutanuva called. “That mask… needs life…”

She went back and handed Takanuva’s hand the mask. I look up at him. Could he…?

Takutanuva set down the mask. His hand gleamed...

It took a lot of power, but somehow my hero was able to breath life into the mask.

Jaller groaned and rubbed his head. Takanuva had chosen to give life to save another's... The life of a dear friend whom Takanuva thought he owed so much...

Halhi helped him up and hugged him. “Jaller!”

The door started to give way above us.

“Cassandra!” Takanuva alone was speaking to me. “GO! Save yourself!”

“No!” I argued. “If you are to die, I shall die with you!”

“You are loyal,” cried Takanuva. “But only one shall die. That is me…”

“FINE!!!” I left, not eager to watch my best friend ever die.

“My duty… is done…” groaned Takutanuva.

The two Matoran ran. He groaned in pain and let the door fall, and tons of dust spread.

Jaller turned around. “Get out of there!”

Only a mask skidded through the flying debris. We all gasped.

No… I cried in my thoughts. Surely God could provide a way…?

Chapter 29: Reassuring Resurrection!

Vakama walked up and picked up the mask. “Let us awaken the Great Spirit!”

He led us to a room, where on the floor you could see the pattern that was on their flag.

The Toa formed a barrier. He led Halhi to one side. “Unity!” he seemed to call her as a beam of light shined on her.

He led a weary, confused Jaller to the other. “Duty!” he called the sad Matoran. Another beam was laid.

I could tell he was just as sad as I was. I knew we should be happy, awakening the Great Spirit. But how could we be happy at a time like this?

He started to lead me to the last circle, but stopped, looked hopefully at the mask, and laid it down.


In a twining stream of light, the mask twisted to the top. I thought I saw Takua in the middle, and wind blew around us. My heart beamed with faith and hope.

Light gleamed out of the mask-room, and Takanuva appeared. It seemed that Mata Nui had provided a way.

Jaller looked at his friend. “You’re alive!!!”

Takanuva looked down at Jaller, and put his hand on the Matoran’s shoulders.

“Kolhii head! You could have been Makuta bones!” Jaller pointed.

“Could have been, but I’m not!” Takua still lived in this figure…

This was a good lesson...

For your destiny never dies!

Chapter 30: Takanuva's Surprising Dedication

The friends were together again. It made me think of my own friends. How would I get back?

Takanuva saw me lost in my thoughts and went over to me.

“But there is someone other than Jaller whom I couldn’t have done without,” he announced. “Her courage, loyalty, and wisdom led me right. Without Cassandra, I would have failed.”

Everyone murmured in agreement.

I saw that there was a story to be told, and an explanation to go with it.

For I was loved here. And because of that I wouldn’t be able to leave quietly otherwise.

Conclusion: My Final Words

So there you have it. My story has been told.

United, we embraced our Duty. Light found itself, and illuminated our destiny.

The city of the Great Spirit, soon an island home, shall be refound.

New legends awake…

But old lessons must be remembered.

This is the way…