A mathematical model of the BIONICLE System.
Solis Magna system
Primary ResidentsMatoran, Rahi, Turaga, Toa, Great Beings, Great Spirits, Agori, Glatorian Species, Skrall, Bone Hunters, Arktus, various other species
Former Residents{{{3}}}
LocationBIONICLE Galaxy
SizeSpans 1 star, 12 planets and 1 moon
MakutaOn the BIONICLE Planet

The Solis Magna System, or the BIONICLE system, is the solar system which contains Magna Spherus Magna, Kowahnok, Noctxia Magna and many other planets. The system orbits around a star which is not shown in the model to the right. The name of this star is Hanija Magna. The largest of the planets in this solar system is Spherus Magna, which is more than 10 times larger than the Spherus Magna, the BIONICLE planet. To view a profile on each celestial object, simply click on it below. The system now only has one comet: the Shadow Comet. There was also a previous comet that also went through the System, but has now entered Spherus Magna as an Asteroid, now called Ores Nui.

Spherus MagnaBIONICLE PlanetMoonanBara MagnaKowahnokArktus MagnaNaria MagnaProxima MagnaProcul MagnaBiosystem

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