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Backup Dimension
Backup Dimension 1
Position Dimensional Void
Size N/A
Population N/A
Status In existence
Pronunciation N/A

The Backup Dimension was created by the Great Beings for the purpose of being a new world for the Matoran Universe's inhabitants to live in, should the Kanohi Ignika ever reach the end of its countdown to annihilation.


Backup Dimension 2

Ecopilis Nui and the backup Order base

The pocket dimension has an infinite ocean and a large mountain with three landmasses connected to it, although there are other landmasses in there that hold different species in them. The area is made up of three parts:

Ecropilis Nui

This city rivals Metru Nui in all of its splendor for its architecture and elegance. This city spreads out in order to hold all of its inhabitants. The city is filled with advanced technology, chutes and transports. There are Toa fortresses and defensive turrets on either side of the large bay outside the city, in order to keep the backup base ready and secure.

Tara Nui

Backup Dimension 3

Tara Nui

A dense jungle filled with a lot of raw material. It is a dangerous place to be in, so there are no official settlement domes in place.


A large mountainous place filled with palaces made of crystal and jewels. It is the mysterious home of the Xuvakh. The only place which has been visited so far is their great palace to meet Bane.

Known inhabitants

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