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Powers N/A
Status Least concern
Location Manuin
Pronunciation N/A

The Bakav are small creatures that gather their food by stealing from other beings or Rahi. They are mischievous and very agile.


The Bakav were created by Makaatu, but he decided that he didn't like them and locked them into the Cave of Failure. There were only a few Bakav in existence, and they teased the Mak-Matoran in the caves for millennia, until the First Matoran found them in the cave and took them to live with them in the Hangi Canyon. The Bakav teased the Matoran all the time and stole food from them, so they were eventually locked into a hut.

When the Matoran left Manuin for Dromii, the Bakav remained trapped in the hut, forgotten. A few days later, they finally found a way to break out, and currently they are spreading all over Manuin, reproducing quickly. They have slowly increased their territory, making other Rahi's territories smaller.


  • The Great Being's Bohrok Va were inspired by the Bakav. Therefore, the Bakav have many similarities to the Bohrok Va.

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