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"One day I will find a way to make the skies blue again."
―Barnoka on the pollution of Dyteeli
Powers Rahi control
Kanohi Arthron
Tools Scythe
Status N/A
Location Dyteeli
Pronunciation N/A

Barnoka is Dyteeli's Toa of Rahi control.


Early life

Nothing is known about Barnoka's life as a Matoran. It is known that he became a Toa in 92,000 BGC, along with Krandorn, Zirralo, and Auserv.

Disaster on Dyteeli

In 86,000 BGC,  when the sea floor beneath Dyteeli collapsed and only the central city escaped destruction, Barnoka and Krandorn were responsible for the accidental mutation of Zirralo into a hideous beast. They defended the island for the next few weeks, though their efforts accomplished little.

Coming of the Toa-Kal

From Ayomeli came Krakana and his team in search of Dyteeli's Diaruno Stones immediately after their arrival, Zirralo attacked them. Barnoka and Krandorn aided in the ensuing battle; Barnoka, however, was stabbed by Zirralo, and he quickly lost consciousness. The Toa-Kal believed he was dead.

A Ra-Matoran who had limited medical knowledge judged that he had only been injured, not killed, but he has yet to awaken. The rest of Barnoka's history has yet to be seen.

Abilities and traits

Barnoka carries a scythe and uses the power of Rahi control, allowing him to control Rahi. He wears a Kanohi Arthron, Mask of Sonar, with which he can find his way around in the dark and locate nearby objects.

Barnoka is quiet and intelligent, but never exceptionally brave or daring. He also has different beliefs than other Toa — he believes a Toa is a step below Hero, as they are limited by their moral code. A true hero, he believes, is just a being who makes sacrifices for the good of others, knowing that any suffering they undergo and cause will have been worth it for the overall restoration of peace.


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