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This article is about the battle in the First Spiders of Doom War. You may be looking for the battle in Tonga's Attack or the Duel in Tonga's fortress.

Battle of Tonga's fortress
Conflict First Spiders of Doom War
Date 1,000 AGC
Location Tonga's fortress
Outcome Spiders of Doom leave Bio-Land
  • Drive the King Spider away
  • Defeat and mutate their enemies
Previous War of the Clones
Next Visorak War

The Battle of Tonga's fortress was the final battle of the First Spiders of Doom War.


Tapio, Henkka, the Unidentified Toa of Sound, and the Rahaga broke into Tonga's fortress, now occupied by the Spiders of Doom. They struggled with the spider guards, and eventually they got in. The details of the battle are unknown, but the team, after fighting through the spiders, eventually confronted the King Spider. In the end, the King Spider could no longer stand the attacks and left Bio-Land, followed by the other spiders.


The Rahaga began curing the mutated inhabitants of Bio-Land, and Tapio and Henkka, along with some of their cured friends, followed Inwirn into a new adventure.

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