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"Now, ready the transports. We're going to kill some Toa."
Vakumi to Naiva and Nadak
Battle of the Southern Continent
Conflict N/A
Date N/A
Location Southern Continent
Outcome Makuta Empire victory
  • N/A
  • N/A
Previous Siege of Artidax, Duel on Artidax
Next N/A

The Battle of the Southern Continent was a battle that took place in the Makuta Empire universe.


The Makuta Empire wanted the Southern Continent dominated and Toa Jaller killed. Thus, they sent Vakumi, the Emperor's right-hand Makuta, and his two partners, Naiva and Nadak. The Makuta prepared a massive invasion consisting of airships, ships, Rahkshi, Shadow Matoran and ex-Dark Hunters.

Some time after the beginning of the battle, Jaller unleashed a battalion of Klakk, which proceeded to cure the Makuta's Shadow Matoran, who assisted in the battle. Continuing the assault, Naiva decided to scout ahead and find the main fortress. However, he was struck down by a wave of fire by Jaller.

During the middle of the battle, with other Rahi beasts, Skakdi, and Order of Mata Nui agents joining the Southern Continent forces, Jaller came to confront Vakumi. The two dueled, until Vakumi emerged as the victor. However, a blast of Light shot from an Av-Matoran named Nelag stopped him from killing Jaller, as well as cutting off his left forearm and destroying his Nynrah Ghost blaster.

Vakumi later corrupted the Av-Matoran and ordered Makuta Chirox to bring in a few more airships, as well as an advanced airship and a box of supplies. After he arrived, Vakumi and his partners left, and Chirox continued to command the battle.

Eventually, the Continent was dominated and the Matoran were either corrupted or enslaved.


This battle was very vital to Vakumi, having found a potential apprentice, Nelag. After they returned to Destral, Nelag was exposed to a Toa stone and was transformed into a Toa of Shadow.


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