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Position Aqua Magna
Size Approximately 1,000 sq. Kio
Population N/A
Status In existence
Pronunciation BECK-you

Bequ was an island that was once on the surface of Aqua Magna, but was teleported into a hyperchannel by mysterious forces.


Bequ was originally created by Gatris Nui as a beautiful paradise in the Gatrian Isles, but the island was then teleported away from Aqua Magna by mysterious forces. The island fell into a hyperchannel, a large, cylindrical dimension with infinite depth.

The Matoran became in danger of falling into the hyperchannel, but the island was held in place by the forces at work inside it by the combined forces of the rotation of the whole of Bequ, the pull of the Bequ (regions) towards the tower at the island's center, and the push of the Beques apart from the Tower.


The island was divided into six regions known as the Bequ, each representing one of the primary elements.


  • Ga-Bequ's waters were held inside its boundaries by an invisible force field.

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