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Setting Dosa Nui
Date set N/A

BIONICLE Zeroes is a photography-based BIONICLE web comic. It details the adventures of an amateur Toa team who must face a myriad of villains. The story features a mix of comedy and drama to emulate the dramatic, yet lighthearted feel of the BIONICLE franchise.


Bionicle Zeroes takes place on an island known as Dosa Nui. The Matoran, led by Turaga Evaus, lived in peace on this island for around 100 years until a being known as Maita appeared on the island to terrorize its people. To combat this new threat, the three Turaga of Dosa Nui took out their secret weapon, the Toa stones, and used them to track down six Matoran to become Toa to defeat Maita. However, not only does this new team have issues getting along, they also have no idea how to be heroes!

After an initial confrontation with Maita, the freshly-defeated Toa undergo training by Turaga Kinko. The following day, a strange object appears in Dosa Koro, which turns out to be a bomb built by Mato, a mad inventor working for Maita. The Toa's training forbids them to interfere with important affairs, but luckily, Mato has a change of heart after using a machine he built to recover his lost memories, and disarms the bomb just in time.

Currently, the Toa are in the final part of their training. They are to find six colored blocks hidden in such a way that acquiring them will require the Toa to use their elemental abilities and take advantage of their Toa tools. However, on other parts of the island, a Toa hunter, Turaga Kinko's failed training dummy robot, a killer seeking revenge, and a corrupted Le-Matoran have risen, which will make the Toa's new task significantly harder.



The Madman

Goin' Green


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