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"Out of the way, fools. There is a battle afoot!"
―Blight Knight
Blight Knight
Blight Knight
Group N/A
Occupation Soldier
Kanohi Akaku
Tools Sword, shield
Status Deactivated
Location N/A
Pronunciation N/A

Blight Knight is a mechanical creature created by Lord Sinister to serve in his armies.


Blight Knight's history is, for the most part, unknown.

During "the grand challenge" set forth by Lord Sinister, Blight Knight was placed into a team with Articulous and Handibles, and faced off repeatedly against Havoc Knight. They were beaten in the end by another group of prototypes that Lord Sinister had created at the last minute.

Abilities and traits

Blight Knight isn't particularly fussed about combat, let alone getting dirty. He is the leader of his battalion as he was appointed by Lord Sinister due to his "competence". A strange character, he feels that if there is a prize so great to sacrifice anything to get it, he will.

Lord Sinister bestowed upon Blight Knight the power of grace; in other words, Blight Knight is so graceful and majestic when in combat that it distracts his opponent to the point of a blind stupor.

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