Book of History
User(s) First Matoran
Functionality(ies) Has all information and events of the First BIONICLE Planet stored
Status On Dromii

The Book of History is a huge book with all information of the First BIONICLE Planet. It was first started by Turaga Hangi, shortly after the mass migration to the Canyon of the Great Spirit. He stored everything he knew into the book, using his Kromi to remember some things he had forgotten. Hangi then made Arkam the one to guard and keep the book safe, as well as recording all the events happening, from every day.

The boom continued to expand and currently it's absolutely enourmous, with absolutely everything from the day the First Matoran moved to Manuin. The book also contains various legends and stories.

The Book was transported by Ilona from Canyon of the Great Spirit to Hangi Canyon. Later Arkam took care that it came with the Matoran back to Dromii, where he now still updates the book and takes care of it in a room in the Turaga Chamber.

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