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Bringers of Destruction
Bringers of Destruction
Headquarters Unknown
Leader Sol
Goal Destroy the world
Status Active
Allies Morhud, Skrall, Makuta, Zyglak, Mens Nihil
Enemies Toa Omega, Razek's forces

The Bringers of Destruction are the main antagonists in Saga of Shadows, along with Shadowmaster.



  • Each member of the Bringers leads a species or organization. Athorax leads the Morhud, Void leads a horde of Makuta, Virus leads a horde of Zyglak, The Leader leads the Mens Nihil, Brute leads a group of Skrall, and Sol leads the Bringers of Destruction themselves.
  • Each Bringer of Destruction has their rival. Sol's is Razek. Athorax's is Radiex. Void's is Zelchion. Virus' is Omega. The Leader's is Model X. Brute's is Ackar.
    • With regards to the servant/scientist, Ceril, his main rival is Delix.
  • Although the goal of the organization (and indeed Sol's goal following Shadowmaster's death) is to destroy the world, Athorax, The Leader, and Brute do not know this, and believe the purpose is to rule the world (as Shadowmaster had intended for the organization).
Bringers of Destruction v

Leader: Sol

Members: Athorax  • Kraahtan  • Protanus  • The Leader  • Brute

Significant Servant: Ceril