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Unknown species
Group Four Evil Ones
Element Shadow
Kanohi Mask of Invulnerability
Status Alive
Location Unknown
Pronunciation N/A

Bruhodag is an evil being who started off as a member of the Four Evil Ones. But even after doing his duty, he saw no other reason to live than aid his team.



Bruhodag shooting dark energy at Zuxan

In the time, before time, Bruhodag was created by the Evil Beings, to serve as a member of the Four Evil Ones. Bruhodag's task was to kill Trasder. He succeeded by destroying whole Gruissiono. His mask of invunerability helped him to stay alive. He also captured the Matoran of Gruissiono and locked them up.

Bruhodag was free to leave the organization but he didn't see a purpose for his life, other than helping his team. He tried to assist Grandeg in his task to kill Zuxan but failed.

He tried to attack the good guys when they were in an airship near Gruissiono. Bruhodag fought some Guest Stars of HT Adventures but Vahkoro got his Mask of Invulnerability off. Bruhodag was then crushed by another airship.


Vahkoro knocking off Bruhodag's mask

Bruhodag later escaped and got his mask back but he saw no purpose for his life anymoresince the Four Evil Ones organization doesn't exist anymore. He went into hiding and roamed the world until The Rising.

Bruhodag survived The Rising and heard about the Great Migration few weeks later. Based on the information he had received, Bruhodag travelled to the Kowa Mountains of Bio-Land to get safe from Teridax in Mata Nui's body. He went into hiding there, knowing that if the Matoran saw him, they would banish him from the mountains.

After The Melding, Bruhodag did not leave his hiding place in Kowa and remains there today, still not knowing about the reformation of Spherus Magna.

Abilities and Traits

Bruhodag is a being who only believes in his organization, for him that's all there is. He can be very cruel and does not hesitate to kill a good guy. He sees killing one of his own immoral, however, and would never do that.

Mask and Tools

Bruhodag wears the Mask of Invulnerability, which makes him invulnerable to any elemental attacks, explosions, etc. He carries a staff that he can use to shoot dark energy.

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