Tahu-An idiot who you might say has problems. He can't talk quite right! Gali-Tahu thinks she is his 'friend'. She hates Tahu, especially after part 1, which is on my home page, after he burns down her house. Lewa-He is always complaining about being a stick person Pohatu-A nerd from a comic store who is always annoying Onua-An unliked dancer Kopaka-A backround desinger Makuta-An Idiot that likes Tahu Jaller-A singer that everyonelikes Nuparu-A warrior "Joseph"-A Barraki who is very very mean

There are more.

Season 1

"Singing Like Crazy" "A Wild Discovery" "An Idiot" "The Adventures of Idiot Boy" "Makuta Teridax goes Insane"

The series will be put up soon.

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