CL88 Comic 2: Onepu's Toa School
Title Comic 2: Onepu's Toa School
Author Crazy-Lihkan88
Comic type A storyline comic to the CL88 Comix
Panels Six
After Comic 1
Before Comic 3

Comic 2: Onepu's Toa School is the second comic in the CL88 Comix Storyline. In it, Kongu has already signed Tahu up for Toa School. Onepu is teaching Tahu how to focus his energies, but he accidentally fries his instructor. Sadly, Onepu has pretty powerful Toa Weapons in his closet.

Characters in this comic

  • Onepu
  • Tahu Nuva


  • Onepu burns Tahu up with a plasma Flame Thrower.
Crazy-Lihkan38 Productions (V)

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