CL88 Comic 5: Happy Birthday!
Title Comic 5: Happy Birthday!
Author Crazy-Lihkan88
Comic type A storyline comic to the CL88 Comix
Panels Twelve (12)
After CL88 4
Before CL88 6

Comic 5: Happy Birthday! is the comic where kongu finds a house. He goes inside and says it's perfect. Though, an old Rahaga is still living in it and tells him to get out. Kongu raises his weapon and scares away the Rahga, claiming he's allergic to weapons. He finally has the house. The doorbell rings. It happens to be Makuta, wishing him a Happy Birthday. Kongu says it's not his birthday, and making sure Makuta knows it sin't his birthday EVERY SINGLE DAY. Kongu then gets ready for everyone's arrival. In the end, you can see Toa Bounty Hunter gearing up fro soemthing evil.

Characters in this comic

  • Toa Kongu
  • an old Rahaga
  • Makuta
  • Toa Bounty Hunter


  • Dume is really afraid of bees.
  • Toa Bounty hunter will be back soon.
Crazy-Lihkan38 Productions (V)

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