CL88 Comic 6:A Normal CL88 Day
Title Comic 6: A Normal CL88 Day
Author Crazy-Lihkan88
Comic type A storyline comic to the CL88 Comix
Panels Sixteen (16)
After CL88 5
Before CL88 7

Comic 6: A Normal CL88 Day is the first comic in the CL88 Comix series that doesn't set up the story. In it you see Takanuva and Pohatu having a crazy laser-gun fight. Kongu coems in and asks what is going on. Takanuva explains and Kongu tells them to clean up after their done. Then it switches to Tahu Nuva saying something random is going happen. Then he gets blown up and Onepu laughs at him. he finally got revenge from Comic 2: Onepu's Toa School. After that Matau answers the doorbell to this strange visitor. He burns up Matau and says he'll be back. In the end Kongu is wondering what happened to Matau.

Characters in this comic

  • Toa Kongu
  • Takanuva
  • Pohatu Nuva
  • Tahu Nuva
  • Onepu
  • Toa Matau
  • Anhaj


  • Is the second comic with 16 panels
  • Comic 6 introduces Anhaj, a dark Matoran allied with Toa Bounty Hunter.
  • Anhaj is the only CL88 Comix cast member yet that isn't a Rayg sprite.
  • In the first 4 panels, there are holes in the walls where Takanuva and Pohatu shoot.
Crazy-Lihkan38 Productions (V)