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NOTE: CL88 Comix have long been cancelled, and I am leaving this page unedited other than this for historical reasons.

Welcome to the homepage of CL88 Comix; hosted by Kongu. Here he stars in his own comic series with many other characters including Nokama and Tahu Nuva. In season 2, rumors of a green-masked Ta-matoran starring as narrator.

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A season of comic is a series of comics that all have the same layout all the way up to the movie of that season. Then it moves on to the next season.

Season 1

Season 1 was a small season, only including Comix 1 through 6. During this season only Rayg sprites were used. In the movie of this season, Chimoru sprites started to make thier way on.

Season 2

Season 2 will start after the finish of the first movie. In it Chimoru sprites shall start being used with more facial expressions and accessories. A new host shall be introduced.


In Season 1, Rayg sprites were used, but somewhere in the movie and Season 2, Chimoru sprites will be used.