Canyon of the Great Spirit
Primary Residents First Matoran
Location Manuin
Status Deserted

Canyon of the Great Spirit was the home of the First Matoran for a long time.


When the First Matoran migrated from the sinking Dromii, lead by Toa Hangi, they came to Manuin and after much of struggling they found a canyon where they could settle and continue living. Toa Hangi sacrificed his Toa Power to make the canyon a place of light, and a safe place to live in, and he became a Turaga. He then named the canyon, The Canyon of the Great Spirit.

The Matoran forgot their past over time in their new canyon and lived normal life until they started suffering from the Makaatus dangers. At one point, Makaatu captured all the Matoran from the canyon and took them away, followed by the Toa who freed them. But the tunnel they fough in collapsed, and there was no way back to this canyon, so they made another one, the Hangi Canyon.

Canyon of the Great Spirit has since been deserted.

Important Locations

Below are some important locations.

Pools of Spirit

Pools with fish that were used to honor Mata Nui. Kaukau took care of it.

Hangi's Chamber

Hangi lived and ruled from this chamber. It stored some valuable items and other things. It was constantly guarded by Att. A known fact is that the chamber's floors and walls were white from the inside.

Ilona's House

Ilona's House stood apart from the other houses and was close to Hangi's Chamber. Ilona was away from it often but did spend some time home too.

Mining Place

A tunnel lead to a place on Manuin where Ruru and Sahtara mined valuable minerals and rock.

First BIONICLE Planet

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