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Tribe Fire
Tools Blaze Sword, Shield
Status Alive
Location Vulcanus
Pronunciation CAR-zah

Carza is an Agori from the Fire Tribe of Vulcanus.


When the Core War erupted on Spherus Magna, Carza was recruited as a trainer in a Fire army training camp, and helped prepare several soldiers for the war. When the Shattering occurred, Carza was isolated on Bara Magna along with several other Glatorian and Agori.

After the Glatorian social system was established, Carza began working as a recruiter, and started traveling to the several different villages of Bara Magna in order to recruit arena fighters. She also has a job as a trainer, working with Magmus to train rookie warriors, and is also known to occasionally fight alongside Glatorian in the arena.

Roughly one year prior to the Battle of Roxtus, Carza watched an arena match between a mutant Skrall named Verex and a warrior of the Rock Tribe.

Recently, Carza was sent to the village of Iconox with Verex, who had been temporarily hired by her tribe, to oversee his fight with the Ice Tribe warrior Arctica. After the Skrall won, Craza informed the Glatorian that his payment was waiting in the Iconox stables. After Verex, Ranzesk, and Drex left with Vernax and Grepex, Carza returned to Vulcanus.

Carza later took part in the Battle of Roxtus, aiding her fellow Agori in combating the combined might of the Rock Tribe and Bone Hunters, a battle the villagers and Glatorian eventually won. She is currently aiding in the villages' efforts to construct the Mega-Village.

Abilities & Traits

Carza has a fiery attitude and is a fierce warrior in the arena. She is known to be stubborn at times, though she always does what is best for her village and her people.

She is also a very skilled swordsman.


Carza carries a Blaze Sword and a shield.


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