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Title Mask of Analysation
Powers Allows the user to determine the abilities of a target
Component disks Unknown
Pronunciation CHIZZ

The Kanohi Chizz is the Mask of Analysation.


The Kanohi Chizz was created by Mata Nui and Helryx, and given to Shika, along with his Ice Spear and Ice Claw when he was created as a Toa.


The Kanohi Chizz allows the user to analyse and determine the abilities of a target with a single glance. The mask also allows the user to determine the most like outcome of a battle with a target. The mask, however, is limited to the how much the target knows about their own abilities.

The masks main power is to allow the user to understand the abilities of a target with a single glance. This power is limited to the point that the user cannot know what the target does not know. That is, if the target has vision powers, but does not know about them, the mask will not give this information to the user. The mask also cannot determine powers that the target is oblivious to. The user cannot 'turn off' this power, meaning they will always know the abilities of those around them whether they choose to or not.

The masks secondary power is allow the user to determine the outcome of a battle with any given target, provided the user is looking at the target. The outcome the mask determines is only the most likely, and does not accustom motivation, or injures that could lower the targets, or the users, abilities. Unlike the main power, the user can control whether they are using this power or not.

Known users

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