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Codrax is a legendarily powerful Toa of Aura

100 3037
Group Unknown
Occupation Toa
Element Aura
Powers Can create aura blasts, sense another's aura, Fly, See Visions from the Spiritual Plane
Kanohi Avohkii Shaped Olmak
Tools Double-Sided Power Sword
Status Alive
Location Spherus Magna
Pronunciation Code-Racks


Not Much is known about Codrax. He was seen, like Skydrax throughout the Toa/Dark Hunter War. He would pop in and out throughout the war, only when the Toa were desperate and needed help. But before anyone could talk to him he would disappear, earning the nickname Phantom Toa.

Throughout recorded history, he has made appearances in different dimensions, performing good deeds for nothing in return. He then also gained another nickname: the Dimension Traveler.

He is often seen traveling with Toa Akataz.

BIONICLE Legacy: Darkness Falls

Codrax was first seen talking to Turaga Helryx, engaging with her in an argument on how to deal with a certain situation.  Finally, the Turaga gave in and complied with the Toas' request, to delete the files of a massive ship heading towards Spherus Magna.

Mask And Tools

He wears the Avohkii shaped Olmak. He was fused to it so he cannot take the mask off. His weapon of choice is the Double sided Power Sword. It allows him to channel his aura powers.


Strength: 17
Agility: 17
Toughness: 18
Mind: 20


BIONICLE Legacy: Darkness Falls (First Appearance)


His body design is based off of Toa Hydros' Skydrax.

His fusion to the Avohkii shaped Olmak is inspired by Krataka.

He is one of Ansem's Favorite characters to write about.

He is not colored like usual Aura Toa.  The reason for this is currently unknown