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Bioka utilizing a communicator
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Functionality Communication
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A communicator is a small, portable device used to facilitate verbal communication over a long distance.


Whilst technology needed to create communicator devices were implemented into the Matoran Universe at an early point in its construction, it did not take the form of a handheld instrument for a number of centuries. Through extensive historical research, a team of Archivists were able to trace the origins of the device to a number of Nynrah Ghosts. It is currently speculated that these Fe-Matoran inventors were in fact the original creators of the device in its portable form.

Since the portable communicator's conception, it has become a staple aspect of modern life across the more civilized regions of the Matoran Universe. On islands such as Metru Nui, Xia, and Stelt, personal communicators are widely available and are frequently used for formal means. In less developed regions of the Matoran Universe, however, communicators are not as easily accessible. Most Matoran villages are equipped with some form of long-distance communicator, though these are generally static and used in the event of an emergency.


Relatively basic in terms of concept and design, the standard portable communicator is equipped with both a mouthpiece, an earpiece, and a clip capable of attaching around the audio receptor of the wearer. The device is also fitted with a number of buttons enabling the user to start a call to another communicator, to receive calls, or to switch the device off.

The overwhelming majority of portable communicator devices are capable of allocating six contacts. Turaga Dume passed legislation that made it mandatory for all communicators in Metru Nui to list a local Vahki hive as one such contact.